YouTube End Screen Outro Maker

Choose from 3 professionally designed templates to customize your own Outro for YouTube End Screen. Free for a limited time only, easy to use and customize, ready to download in 8 minutes. No registration needed.

  • Customizable — edit text and choose color in 1 click
  • Instant Download in 8 min and a few simple steps
  • Unlimited Use — under the profounder license
  • 1080p Quality — .MP4 Full HD

Choose the End Screen Template

Tick the box with the End Screen design of your choice. We offer a selection of 3 templates in 7 color schemes. The MP4 Full HD file is free to download.

choose end screen outro template
Step 1: Choose the End Screen

Personalize your End Card

Make it your own by adding custom text and colors. Replace suggested script (Next Video, Subscribe) with your custom text if needed. Choose from 7 color schemes — these are the professionally designed palettes that will look FANTASTIC in your next video project. Select from 35 social network icons to prompt viewers to subscribe to your other platforms.

Personalize your End Card
Step 2: Personalize

Note: you don’t need to add your profile picture at this point. YouTube will automatically update the Subscribe element with your channel icon. Detailed instructions below.

Proceed to Download Your Customized Outro

Download the .zip archive with the MP4 Full HD file inside.

Download Your Customized Outro
Step 3: Download

How To Add Custom End Screen To Your Video?

Super easy. Instructions are virtually the same for any video editing software: iMovie, Final Cut, Filmora, Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm Express, Camtasia…

Simply import the End Screen MP4 file into your video editing software along with your video project. Drag and drop the End Screen file onto the timeline behind your main video. Save, export, and proceed to YouTube Studio.

How To Setup Custom End Screen in YouTube Studio?

Here’s an example of an End Screen before the video has been uploaded to YouTube:


Elements are the pieces of content that you add to your end screen. You can add videos, playlists, link to a channel or encourage viewers to subscribe.

As you can see on example above, elements haven’t been added yet, but there are placeholders for the elements to go. Simply drag and drop different End Screen elements there.

End Screen Outro Template with Info

Detailed instructions:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio
  2. Upload your video (custom End Screen added through video editing software at previous step)
  3. Proceed to the End screen box and choose the elements you want to add
  4. To change Element placement, simply drag it to the desired position
  5. Preview your end screen by clicking the play button on the video player.
  6. Click Save

Best Practices for Creating End Screens

Our End Screens can help you get more views and subscribers from every video. We strategically designed them to link to your videos, playlists, feature a Subscribe button and social network icons. Now, it’s your turn — please carefully choose what to promote.

01. Promote the Right Video

You can either choose a high-converting video, or a related video.

To define which of your videos are high-converting, check out the “YouTube Watch Page” section of your YouTube subscriber report.

For a related video, choose a video which is closely related to the topic of your current video, or feature a video that will help your viewers make the next step on the topic you cover.

02. Encourage Viewers to Subscribe

Subscribe element placeholder is already included in our End Screen templates. All you need to do is let YouTube use your channel icon while you edit your end screen in YouTube Studio.

To make things more obvious, include written terms like “Subscribe” or “Subscribe to My Channel” around your subscribe element.

Use a verbal CTA: consider adding audio over your end screen that includes a call-to-action to watch another video or subscribe. Creating a custom endscreen where you verbally invite viewers to take action increases the percentage of those who will.

03. Label Your Videos

Use terms like “Watch Next” or “Next Video” around your video element. This helps people understand that the element is clickable and encourages people to watch the video. 

Next Video on YouTube Outro template
Use text “Watch This Next” on your end screen.

04. Add Social Icons

Add icons for the social media sites you’re most active on. These icons aren’t clickable. But they let people know that you’re on those platforms.

05. Promote a Playlist

You may feature a playlist in your End Screen instead of a single video. When someone watches a playlist, videos from that playlist continue to play automatically, which can lead to more views.

06. Track Your Progress

Use the End Screen report in YouTube Analytics to see which element type your viewers clicked most across your entire channel. 

If you see that one particular End Screen element is super successful, add it to more of your videos. Or, if another element is getting ignored, you can delete it and try something new. YouTube allows you to change and edit your End Screen elements anytime.

Our License Agreement

By downloading our templates, you agree to our terms and conditions.

These YouTube End Screen Templates have been created by our team of dedicated graphic designers. Here’s what you can and cannot do:


  • Publish your videos using these overlays on your YouTube channel and other video streaming and blogging platforms, for personal and even commercial use. You can link to us in your video description. 🙂
  • Share these overlays, always crediting the original source.


  • Copy or modify these overlays
  • Share or sell these overlays as your own

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or suggestions. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube end screen template?

YouTube end screen is also known as YouTube outro or YouTube end card. Professionally designed YouTube end screen templates enable you to create outros that convert. Profounder End Screen Templates include 6 animated end screen cards in 12 different color schemes, that come in MP4 Full HD and MOGRT formats. Free for a limited time only, customized in a few simple steps, ready for instant download without registration. Simply import your customized template into any video editing software and drop it on the timeline next to your video — all done, you’ve got a customized end screen ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

How do you make a custom end screen on YouTube?

To add custom end screen template to your video, drop it on the timeline next to your main video using any video editing software. Log in to YouTube studio, upload your new video and proceed to the End Screen section of the editor. Drag and drop the Video and Subscribe elements into the placeholders of your custom template. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

How do I customize my YouTube end screen?

There are several ways you can customize your YouTube end screen. 1: Use a professionally designed template from Profounder (free for a limited time). 2: Add written CTA’s, such as SUBSCRIBE and WATCH THIS NEXT. 3: Add icons for the social media sites you are active on. 4: Brand the template with your custom colors.

How do you make a good YouTube end screen?

1. Make it custom: use a professionally designed template for an end screen that converts. 2. Use CTA’s: encourage your viewers to subscribe and watch more with text and verbal prompts. 3. Promote the right video: choose high-converting or highly related content. 4. Promote a playlist: videos will play automatically which can lead to more views. 5. Check out YouTube analytics to see how your end screens are performing.

How do I change my YouTube end screen?

You can change or edit your end screen elements at any time in YouTube studio. Log in, select Content from the left menu, click the video you’d like to edit, click the End Screen box, change and edit the elements, ckick Save.

How long is a YouTube end screen?

Consider the video’s last 20 seconds as the optimal time for an end screen.

How do I make a custom YouTube end screen for free?

Easy! Profounder End Screen Maker is free for a limited time. Choose from 6 professionally designed templates, make them your own by adding custom text and colors, and download instantly without registration.

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