Stinger Transitions Maker

Choose from 5 professionally designed templates to customize your own Stream Transition. Free for a limited time only, easy to use and customize, ready to download in 8 minutes. No registration needed. Just add logo and choose brand color — that`s all.

  • Customizable — edit text and choose color in 1 click
  • Instant Download in 8 min and a few simple steps
  • Unlimited Use — under the profounder license
  • 1080p Quality — .WebM (with transparent) or .MP4 (with green background)

Choose the Stinger Transition Template

Tick the box with the Stinger Transition design of your choice. We offer a selection of 5 templates in 5 color schemes (but you can choose any color you want).

Customer twitch transitions animation
Step 1: Choose the Stinger Transition you like

Personalize your stream transition

Make it your own by uploading your logo and colors. Choose from 7 color schemes — these are the professionally designed palettes that will look FANTASTIC in your next online stream.

Personalize your transition
Step 2: Personalize

Proceed to Download Your Customized Transition

Download the .zip archive with the .WebM (transparent background) or .MP4 (with green background) Full HD file inside.

Download Your Customized Outro
Step 3: Download

Our License Agreement

By downloading our animations, you agree to our terms and conditions.

These Twitch Stinger Transitions have been created by our team of dedicated graphic designers. Here’s what you can and cannot do:


  • Publish or stream your videos using these overlays/animations on your Twitch, YouTube, Trovo etc channel and other video streaming and blogging platforms, for personal and even commercial use. Royalty-Free.
  • Share these ready-made transitions, always crediting the original source.


  • Share or sell these transitions as your own

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or suggestions. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

In what software and stream platform will it works?

OBS studio, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, StreamElements, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and etc.

How to set up OBS transitions?

When the stinger transition maker is complete, installing your new files is easy.

1) Find the OBS Scene Transitions window. Hit the “+” button, select “Stinger” from the dropdown menu, and give it a name. In the next window, click “Browse” next to the Video File field and navigate to your new transition file.

2) You’ll need to adjust the Transition Point timing, so that your background scenes don’t transition too early or late. Start with one second (or frames, if you prefer) and keep tinkering until you find the perfect timing.

What video format will your downloaded transition be?

Transitions can be processed and downloaded in WEBM (transparent background) and MP4 format. We’d recommend WEBMs for streaming software and MP4 (with green background) for video editors. You can select your preferred file format before submitting a transition for processing. 

What about DMCA takedowns due to transition sound effects?

All our sound effects are mixed in-house. You’ll never have to worry about any DMCA flagged.

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