500+ FREE Premiere Pro Transitions You Really Need to Download


Premire Pro Transition — is a quick movement between different shots in the video. If you are looking for effects that can add dynamics, customization, creative tricks to your video, download different transition packs for editing in Premiere Pro and make your video cooler. By the way, all transitions can be added in a few clicks.

Transitions have several creative benefits: they give any video a unique flavor; the give a special form to the video; help to polish video, perfectly tie shots and clips together into a final result.

In this article we will give you some useful links to download Premiere Pro Transitions you really need for free! Let's check!

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Our pick

Premiere Pro transitions by videolancer

Videolancer’s Transitions for Premiere Pro

This original package includes the most popular Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro. In the original pack you will find 1500 ready-to-use transitions.

In the pack, fast presets preview for any transition to choose before using and stylish sound FX included. Also, all suggestible transitions are completely optimized for video with any aspect ratio — Full HD, 4K, GoPro and even including IGTV!

This free Seamless Transitions pack also includes several different categories: GlitchFade, Zoom, ShakeSplit, Pan3D Box, WarpPolygonsShape etc. 

Here is some useful features of the pack: step-by-step tutorial is provided, adjustment layer system is used, can work with any FPS.

If you want more free packs of transitions and other effects for editing videos, we recommend you to visit Videolancer website.

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Smooth Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro

TOP 8 Smooth Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro

Smooth Seamless Transitions mostly used in travel videos. That’s why it might seem that they have become overused or cliche. But, creators of these transitions will give you a recipe how to make cool and fresh smooth seamless transitions with one’s own hand.

What looks cool is made by hand. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how to make transitions. In this video professional editors step by step tell how you can made their TOP 8 Smooth Seamless transitions.

In video of TOP’s you will acquainted with these transitions: The Wip, Masking, Smooth zoom, Luma key, Rotation, Match cut, The glitch Frame fill.

Take a look through website Full Time Filmmaker and find out other interesting courses.


FREE Toolkit with Premiere Pro Transitions

This free package, among other useful effects for video, contains 9 transitions for Premiere Pro.

Shutterstock Video Editor Toolkit is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and includes brief tutorial how to start using.

To use provided transitions you should: place video on 2 different layers, after, add the transition to the third layer above the clips. Line up the transition with the end of the first layer and the beginning of the second.

After that, add the “Track Matte Key” to the video on the second layer. Direct it to third layer and adjust to Luma Alpha. Via razor blade cut the second layer at the end of the transition. Remove the “Track Matte Key” from the video and this is it!

You can also use Shutterstock to find another interesting and free effects for editing video.



If you are looking for fresh solutions to them add into your video, then this pack will be perfect choice for you.

It includes super smooth, simple, modern and fresh transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro. In one pack you will receive: Smooth Slide, Spin, Wipe, Whipe and Zoom transitions.

Transition templates are free, but author asks to make a donation, especially when you are going to use them in video with commercial offers.

This video works like tutorial, watch it to start learning how you can create best one by your hands.


7 Free Light Leaks Transitions (For Premiere Pro)

This package includes 7 seamless light leaks and modern transitions for Premiere Pro CC2018.2 and newer versions. It can be used on Windows and MacOS platforms.

Before choosing one or another transition from pack, you have the opportunity to preview them. You need to drag chosen transition to the timeline via drag and drop method.

This package is completely free to download and use in personal or commercial applying.


104 Free Premiere Pro Transitions Templates

It includes glitch transitions, bokeh transitions, zoom transitions, spin transitions, wipe, stripe, and much much more.

You can use this templates in personal and comercial projects.


Travel Film Transition Pack 

This preset pack includes 4 different travel film transitions. After downloading you will be able to use:

  • Luma Fade
  • Quick Zoom W/Motion Blur
  • Smooth Spin W/Motion Blur
  • Smooth Warp transitions.

This pack of travel film transitions is free to download. But if you decide, you can make a donate from 1 cent.

Austin Newman, is an author of the transitions, not only gives opportunities to download free pack, but describing how to create the same via Premiere Pro. Also, written instructions how to use transitions is provided.


20 Transition Overlays

Download 20, at first sight, simple, but stylish and modern overlays transitions.

This package is free of charge, you can download them directly from the website and start to use for personal purpose. But you always can donate some money for the pack.

Overlays transitions features: resolution: 4K (3840×2160) but also can be used on other resolutions, just scale the overlay video; framerate of the templates is 29,97.


FILM CRUX 24 Transitions

This pack includes 24 free cool drag-and-drop cool transitions for Adobe Premier Pro.

For free downloading you should fill special field with your email address to receive a link.

To start using these 24 transitions you should download the file and drag it into Premiere Pro “Presets” folder. Then, press “Import Presets” into “Effects”. Notice, once imported, you will no longer need to import them.

On the description page you can also find brief instructions how to start using these transitions.

Subscribe FILM CRUX to find more free editing stuff to download and use.

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