Scribd: The Definitive Review


In this article we will talk about functional facilities, pros/cons, content filling and unlimited access to the whole library of trendy modern service called Scribd.

We provide full Scribd Review and also will open the secrets of how to sign up in the service, get a premium subscription (for free or not), download and upload the content, and also how to correctly unsubscribe from the resource without any affecting to your budget.

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson
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By the way, using this service is one pleasure for the soul, mind and wallet – pay some not very high month fees and read as many books as you want and can afford.

Here, on Scribd, you can find, for example, 4 main bestsellers like:

Fear: Trump in the White House
Fear: Trump in the White House

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: A Novel

Educated: A Memoir
Educated: A Memoir
Crazy Rich Asians
Crazy Rich Asians

All comprehensive information about 7 main features and hidden underwater stones of Scribd are collected, systematized and analized here, in this research.

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Now we want to share it. Let’s go!

Scribd Main Features


Scribd is a modern solution for reading lovers which lets them access million of e-books, audiobooks, magazines, music.


Scribd came to establish unlimited reading policy, making it nowadays the best deal in the e-book reading world.


Users, who decided to stay in platform after trial period can pay $8.99 a month for really unlimited, sustainable access to million of titles that can be read also offline, if you have no access to the Internet.


Scribd is worldwide – you can access it from your computer or app all the time, the only reason you can’t use scribd in selected country is that this service is blocked by local government.


All the content after getting premium membership will be unlimited to read, listen and download.


Scribd allows to browse through website, using mobile application, or read downloaded files.


Articles from such popular periodicals like Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, New York Magazine are available for Scribd users.

What is SCRIBD: the idea and how it is implemented?

How long have you been buying a paper book? And e-book? Maybe, in general, enough to buy them? You might be wondering why? Just because the fashionable, modern and cloud platform Scribd exists. With such an idea Scribd founders entered the book market and decided to be better than Amazon and Apple. Did it work out?

User Upload Documents
User Upload Documents

Scribd — is a service for storing digital documents, which works both as a library of scientific articles, and as a tool for viral distribution of presentations.

Scribd gives readers unlimited access to everything worth reading — the best modern and classical books, audiobooks, magazines, a lot of documents and much more.

Books on Scribd
Books on Scribd

Scribd easily makes you stay informed, helps discover your passion, feed your curiosity and gives you opportunity listen to the world’s popular music. No matter for what you are looking, Scribd platform gives you all you need by using app on your cell phone or website, using your computer.

On Scribd you can:

• explore top titles,
• get self recommendations,
• check out collections picked by business leaders, taste-makers and also Scribd editors.

Want to know interesting fact?

Trip Adler
Trip Adler

So, Scribd founder Trip Adler studied on the same course as Mark Zuckerberg. And their ambitions are similar: now Scribd wants to become the main books-place in the world.

It true, Scribd will not work at all as a store. The model is based on the Netflix and Spotify platform: you do not buy books (audiobooks, music), but pay a small subscription fee for using the entire library. Scribd has $8.99 per month, but the first 30 days are free. Giving likes in social networks and by the invitations of new friends in Scribd, you also can earn extra free time.

Don’t be afraid of any difficulties, the app and website simply designed, with good organized book shelves by genres and curated collections for you to browse.

With your subscription plan, you will get unlimited access to eBooks and audiobooks, periodicals, music, magazines more. Scribd includes hundreds of thousands of options and never stopping to add something new. If this platform suddenly doesn’t have what you are looking for, you always can email and suggest Scribd team to add new title or what do you want to see nearest future. Each month, the editorial team writes a roll of books for that month which is kind of cool.

And, finishing this chapter about what is Scribdwe want to say, that according to Adler, Scribd got more than $50 million in revenue in 2017, and made over 700,000 paid subscribers. Adler also noticed that the number of subscribers was growing by 50% each year. Isn’t this not a strong argument that Scribd is strongly penetrated the market.

Is it free or not?


You might be wondering: Is Scribd free of charge or not? The answer is – in general not, but this service offers you 30 days free trial usage. During this time:

  • you can use the resources of the service;
  • master the website interface and app structure, 
  • conduct a detailed study of what literature is on the platform, 
  • is it given list of literature interesting for you to read or to listen
  • finally, understand how many books you can read and listen to a month. 

Thirty days is enough to understand whether you need a full monthly subscription or whether you need to cancel the account.


Look, a Scribd subscription and membership can be treated as a ticket to a world of unlimited literature source. For $8.99 per month, you will get access to the full library of bestsellers, award winners, vague titles and reader favorites. Scribd consist of ebooks, audiobooks and magazines. Armed with the Scribd app on your phone, tablet, and web, you’ll never be without a good book to read again almost for free, can you imagine?

Scribd platform is all about the world of books. E-books, audiobooks, magazines, news, sheet music, articles, documents etc. If you want all this, you have a good chance to try!

We already told that the trend of ebook reading started to spread on the literature world and we are sure that Scribd is ready to lead the charge, even because of its transitions away from credit-based memberships toward unlimited subscriptions. For the same tariff of its previous plan — $8.99/month — readers have access to nearly unlimited number of popular ebooks and audiobooks, in addition – unlimited access to news, magazines, articles and documents.

The question of how free the service of pre-congregation of fresh, high-quality and legal content can be is a bit illogical, because you will agree, any high-quality and worthwhile service costs money. 8.99 dollars is a very loyal and good price that every avid reader can afford to pay, because buying paper books will cost more.

Here we give you some information for thinking:

PROSWith Scribd you get more reading opportunities for less money, for example, than with Audible.

CONS. After you cancel your membership you will not be able to read purchased books. 

How to sign up on Scribd 

With Scribd membership account you will have access to the library through any of the devices. Only after logging, you will be able to search for various e-books, audiobooks or magazines, and when you find one ot more that you like, you can press the save button, and it will behow to sign up for Scribd in 4 easy steps.

Sign-Up page
  1. Go to this page for their free 30-day trial.
  2. Sign up via Facebook, Google or if you don’t have any social accounts, fill short form for the   registration.
  3. Add your credit card (don’t be afraid, your financial information will be confidential)
  4. Start downloading books!
page

After signing up in Scribd you will be able to add selected books to your personal library. You will imidietly see that’s this service has very simple interface to navigate, and here are some screenshots of it, so you can get an idea of what Scribd is looks like. We also want you to pay attention on that, that you can always customize your reading experience with a variety of features. Is it not cool for you?

From where/what gadget you can use Scribd

Scribd can be achieved by different ways. Subscribers can access all of the account features directly from official website on laptop, desktop o personal computer or on tablet. Browsing on computer is very helpful, especially when looking for new books.

Besides computer, Scribd can be used on:

  • any Apple gadget with iOS-9 or newer;
  • Apple Watch, and  you can listen books from watch;
  • Android system and only requires Android 4.4 or higher version on tablet or smart phone;
  • device for the Kindle with Fire OS 4 or higher version if you use Kindle Fire app.

Also, you have access to your Scribd account on 3 different devices in a 24-hour time.

What does unlimited books on Scribd

Scribd updated the subscription to give an access to unlimited number of books and audiobooks every month! Nowadays Scribd’s subscription continues to give an unlimited access to news, magazines and documents, including articles from Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, etc by paying symbolic fees.


Scribd’s unlimited plan launched on February 6, 2018, it includes access to an unlimited number of books and audiobooks, unlimited access to ebooks, news, magazines, documents and music. Paying just $8.99 you get unlimited acces to the whole library, not for 1 book per month as it was earlier.

The main features of Scribd. Scribd pros and cons

To even more fully acquaint you with Scribd, after a detailed study, we decided to indicate the most outstanding features of this service. Here they are:

• 24/7 access to the best books and audiobooks, including winners of different literature prizes and bestsellers in popular modern genre;

• Unique access to articles from Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Money Magazine, Foreign Policy and others;

• As a bonus access to the articles from The Associated Press, NPR, the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal etc;

• Unlimited access to the biggest e-document library, that is include official government reports, different dissertations, scientific studies, and much more;

• Unlimited access to a list of the best e-books and audiobooks personally chosen by our editors;

• Different offline titles for you to enjoy them when you want, and where is convenient, even without an internet access. Sync all of your devices with Scribd;

• The membership per month is almost costs nothing, just $8.99 which is automatically reloads unless the subscription is canceled.

Scribd pros

The list of Scribd pros looks like:

• e-Books can be read or listened online or downloaded to the device for offline reading or listening;

• Scribd allows to set up a sleep timer: 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h;

• In Scribd you have millions of various books in one place pocket, and for an almost minor fee you can read all of them;

• You can also highlight smith, bookmark and add notes in books;

• Scribd automatically converts PDF to honest HTML5, but does not yet allow adding video, audio, and similar interactive features. Scribd correctly converts all the graphics and elements included in the PDF, combining them into one background image. The text remains text and is displayed by the fonts that were used in your publication. As a result, at the output we get a magazine with the ability to scroll and zoom on the tablet screen, but without any interactive elements;

• access to the articles from famous magazines (Time Magazine, People Magazine, Fortune Magazine).

Scribd cons: 

The main cons are that Scribd does not do good and clear managing book progress across multiple devices. It means that if two people are each trying to listen to the same book on different device from one account, Scribd does not track well and attempts to sync a listening progress to match the other device each time they reach the end of a chapter.

Also, another complaint is that while Scribd switch on at different devices (IOS, Android, Kindle Fire), the Kindle paper-white is not one of them. So, if you want to use Scribd on a Kindle Fire you need to look for an app link on the official Scribd website. I’d like to see an account settings option that would allow me to disallow certain categories of books from showing up in the search results. And, finally while searching for specific book titles, often happens that results give some options that is not acceptable for children.

About Blinkist, Pocket, Upload on Scribd

Scribd Freebies

Scribd has really fun and unique features. One of the coolest is that its users can upload different documents. This allows thousands of users to upload their own books or short stories for users to read. Here you can find a lot of interesting titles to read and if you don’t want to see the uploads, just choose in settings to remove this option from content.

All Scribd members are able to use other different services, for example:

  • Farfaria – this is a book streaming service for kids. It includes a lot of books for kids ages 2 between 9. You can make it autoplay, or read when they turn the page, or just choose to read it yourself with no audio accompaniment.
  • Blinkist – key ideas from books in just 15 minutes.
  • MUBI – streming a different movie from around the world.
  • Audm – listening different articles from a lot of magazines around the world.
  • Pocket – this service allows saving documents online to read them offline later.

You can download selected content on Scribd to be able to be accessed offline. This service can be helpful when you are on the airplane, driving by car or in underground with no acsess to the Internet.

Upload on Scribd

On Scribd, each user can upload their documents to be read from other users! Want to know the best part? It is very easy to upload documents.
Here, in your account, you can find the Upload button at the top of almost every page on Scribd. To do uploading just be sure you are logged, and after click on button to begin.

Upload Button

Here you can easily publish one or several documents, and you have a bonus – you can upload all the files in different formats as like documents from Google docs, Facebook and Gmail! Scribd accept different formats, because its members may write their work in variety of file formats.
The file formats are supported in Scribd contains: pdf, txt, ps, rtf, epub, key, odt, odp, ods, odg, odf, sxw, sxc, sxi, sxd, doc, ppt, pps, xls, docx, pptx, ppsx, xlsx.

When you uploaded, it will automatically start converting. By the way, the maximum for the document weight Scribd accept is 100MB but, pay the attention: files under 75MB have a good chance for successful conversion than 90MB files.

When you finish uploading and when it converted, letting people know about its existence!

Scribd’s look

Scribd looks like live journal or a personal diary. But here, instead of posts:

• you can find ready-to-print documents;
• you can subscribe to the author;
• you can read other people’s documents in the tape or by selecting from the search;
• possibility to download books;
• the ability to store all purchased books in your account;
• you can meet up with nice and intuitive interface.

Documents on Scribd

This is crazy, but it is really convenient and useful!

Also, Scribd’s interface consists of the avatars, contacts, profiles, ratings, statistics, recommendations, and the like. There is a bookstore, but it does not bother.

Uploaded document

Feels like everything is extremely familiar, but only in a print-ready format. File downloads with pdf, xls, doc, ppt, ps, txt, rtf, odt, odp, ods, odf, odg, sxw, sxi, sxc, sxd, tif, tiff, docx, pptx, ppsx and xlsx extensions are supported. All these documents can be viewed through a single interface, in which there are 2 different modes: trendy and popular slideshow and scrolling, as, for example, in Word.

Books available on Scribd

On the platform you can find about a million titles. For the convenience of searching the books are grouped into categories:

Career and money;
Personal growth;
Politics and current affairs;
Science and tech;
Health and fitness;
Biographies and history;

Books Categories on SCRIBD

These categories have subcategories for you to faster find needed book.
Also, here you can briefly find the bestselling books, recommended interests, the best of new arrivals, buzzy reads this week, current New York Times bestsellers and editors’ picks, updated weekly and look through most popular books.

On Scribd almost all the popular and well-read literature is available. All the e-books, audiobooks and other documents are legal and fully provided. Here you can find some audiobook selection that is popular on Scribd.

Audiobooks section

«Read like you own every book in the world» – that is Scribd slogan. So, choose your favorite e-book or audiobook etc and be sure you will get it.

For whom it will be useful and necessary?

New York Magazine

Scribd also will be useful for:

  1. People, who want to pay less. Sheet e-books for $ 8.99. Million of titles, in its tariff plan Scribd can compete with a lot of e-books platforms.
  2. The students and pupils all over the world. It is a lot of science and educational literature in its shelves.
  3. Moms, who read fairytales and interesting books for their kid’s everyday.
  4. Writers, who are constantly honing their craft.
  5. People, who like to read “self-help books”. Scribd has books, specifically targeted at making people happier and improving different areas of their everyday activities.
  6. Classical literature lovers. Here is a huge amount of classic literature.
  7. Psycologists and doctors who want to keep knowledge alive, reading professional literature.

How to print scribd documents

Scribd is a great service by which authors share their documents with different people. It has security measures aimed at protecting against plagiarism and piracy, with which members of this service can print these documents. In order to be able to print documents, you must have an account on Scribd. When you sign up for your account, go to next steps.

Go to the Scribd website. Start the browser, open a new tab and enter the website address in the address bar: Tap “Enter” on the keyboard to enter the site.

Log in to your account. When you find yourself on the main Scribd page, in the upper right corner of the screen you will see the “Log in” button. Click on it to display the login window. You can also access your Scribd account through your Facebook account or by entering your username and password.

Print and Download Buttons

To simplify – just enter your account, using Facebook connection of website (login and password)

Main steps look like:

If you chose the second method, enter your e-mail address or username in the field on the left, and your account password in the field on the right. After you enter your data, click on the “Log in” button, which is located at the bottom of the window.

  1. Then find needed document. On Scribd, you can browse through documents and download them to your computer, if author has allowed you to download this document. Find a document using the search field at the top of the page. Enter the name of the document you want to download, and press “Enter”.
  2. Open the document. When the search results appear, click on the title or image of the document. After that you will be taken to the page of viewing the document, on which you can see its limited part, its size depends on the author’s settings.
  3. Download the document. Click download button, which is located in the upper right corner of the page. After that you will be taken to the download page. Click on the “Download now” button, which is located at the bottom of the page. After that, the download will start. Just wait for it to be completed.
  4. Open the downloaded file. Click on the downloaded document (depending on your choice, it may be a PDF or DOCX file) at the bottom of your browser. This will open the downloaded document.
  5. Go to the print settings of the document. Click on the “File” menu at the top of the window. After that, select “Print.” Then the print setup window should appear.
  6. Print the document. Click on the “Print” button in the lower right corner of the window to print the document. A working printer obligatory should be connected to your computer.

Be careful, you can’t print directly files from your website account. Publication, if you want to print some documents, firstly, you should download them and only after this open for printing.

Canceling premium membership

If you decided to cancel your subscription, first of all you need to choose how you signed up for Scribd:

  • Paypal
  • Google Play
  • Direct Credit/Debit
  • iTunes / App Store

Obligatory steps for canceling membership started via PayPal, Google Play, credit or debit.

You always can manage your membership from Scribd account settings. There you will find all options dedicated to both: add more membership time or cancel your account.

For canceling your Scribd membership:

  • go to your Scribd page on;
  • go to page Account Settings;
  • in the tab“membership & payment details” of your settings, press on “end my membership”;
  • after pressing on “end my membership”, you will see several pages of confirmations. Review them before moving forward;
  • you will be confident that your subscription has been canceled when you see some message and also Scribd team will send you a confirmation email to the email address registered to Scribd account.

Canceling membership purchased through iTunes/App Store

If you want to stop any payments for the membership, you can do it within Apple account.
To cancel Scribd purchased on Apple iTunes do next steps:

  • go to “Settings” in your gadjet;
  • scroll and go to iTunes and App Store;
  • go into Apple ID, after tap “View Apple ID” and fill your password in special field;
  • after tap “Subscriptions” and select “Scribd”;
  • press “Cancel Subscription” to confirm your steps.

Deleting Scribd account

If you have decided to delete your account in Scribd, you need to do the next:

  • Log in to Scribd with the username of the account.
  • Tap on the user icon to get a navigation menu and choose “account settings”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the account settings.
  • Choose “delete your account” and follow the prompts.

And don’t forget, if you still have an uncanceled subscription, you will be not able to delete Scribd account without canceling your subscription. By the way, if you decided not to stay with Scribd after free trial using, you can also cancel the membership and refuse to charge for membership you will lost an access to the book been listening and reading.

Watch video about how to cancel Scribd:

Video instruction of cancel Scribd account

The main competitors are – what’s look at

Of course, every successful service has different competitors. We did a little research and found the main similar e-book service providers. Most of them offer similar functionality; they all offer users a variety of books and meanwhile ask for different prices. Of course, it is up to you to decide on which service to subscribe to, where to read and to listen the literature, we offer you a short review of our list.

  1. Local Library – a lot of pf public libraries participate in different e-book and audiobook programs. Local library has an app – from which you can request needed books. It’s good, because they automatically returned without paying any late fees. But almost all the time they are on a long wait list. You are also able to use Hoopla for listening selected audiobooks, but this service hasn’t had a lot of popular and morden books.
  2. Audible – this is very popular service for audiobooks – it is really “deep ocean” of them! Audible has a free trial. But overall, I this not worth the monthly membership. You can have a free 30-day trial, and 2 free audiobooks.
  3. Kindle Unlimited – it is one of the better e-book services. You pay $9.99 per month and will get an access to over 1 million e-books, thousands of audiobooks, and also a lot of different magazines. Here you can borrow up to 10 books at the same time time. Also, to evaluate the convenience and suitability of the service for your needs, you can get a free 30-day trial access.
  4. Deseret Book Bookshelf – This service is an LDS-based e-book and audiobook, so it will not be acceptaple for wide audience. This service has a lot of books that haven’t found at any other e-books platform.

If you are buying at least one popular or modern book each month, absolutely right that you will pay more than for month subscription. Even if you buy a few e-books a month for $4.99, you will definitely feel the value of having a month subscription in Scribd, for example. The public library is the most cost-effective if you have a free time and desire to read a few books per month but using Scribd or other e-book service is more acceptable for people in everyday rush activity.

Scribd vs Audible – which one is a winner?


Scribd service has one of the biggest, the most promoted and a popular competitor on the market, which has already managed to conquer a large part of its audience and is trying to keep it in all sorts. It s name Audible.

Let’s try to compare two services and clarify – which one is the winner in the nomination “conveniently, usefully, inexpensively” Audible (owned by Amazon) is a strong and big gorilla in the audiobook sphere. Audible offers their subscribers the most “listens” in this industry, we don’t know exactly, but we trust people choice.

Audible suggest subscribers some credits. Each credit is worth 1 book.

Tariff plan for credits:
• For $14.95/month you will get 1 credit;
• For $22.95/month you will get 2 credits;
• For $149.50 you will get Gold Annual subscription and immediately get 12 credits;
• For $229.50 you will get Platinum Annual subscription and immediately get 24 credits.

Let’s think. If the average audiobook durates around 10 hours, with an Audible you will get around 10 hours of listening per month. If you are at Platinum subscription you could get 2 books/month, but it is not acceptable for you, if you prefer listening to 4-5 hours a day.

How does Sribd compare with Audible?

Audible vs. Scribd: comprasion of value

One of the main advantages of Audible is that all purchased credits you can keep forever, even if you deleted your membership. For a lot of service users, this is valuable, because the can save all purchased books for the future generations, share them with family or friends. But, a major disadvantage of this benefit is that you can only listen to the books you have purchased in the system. Because of that we will not always be interested in the same books, this method is quite limited.

At the same time, Scribd looks rather like a digital bookshelf allowing the access to a plenty of books which you feed upon when desired. In Scribd you meet with unlimited subscription plan. Yes, for all book lovers – cheaper subscription plan is waning for you on Scribs.

Audible vs. Scribd: book selection

Obviously, each platformvalues on at least 3 things:

• the number of available titles in good quality;
• the usefulness of suggested literature;
• price for subscription.

Audible’s book selection of audiobooks, for example, is robust for most people audiobook needs, but people always looking for new opportunities trying to find anything else. Maybe it happens because of audio version of a selected book has not been recorded or rights to it have not been released.
So, while Audible books are audiobooks, Scribd books may be available as an ebook or audiobook format (sometimes both).

And finally, Scribd also has on its platform different documents, magazines, news and music.

Finally, by comparing these two services, we can make two basic conclusions for you to think about:

• if you are reading and listening a lot of books, it is better to buy an unlimited subscription from Scribd, paying only $8.99;

• if you prefer listening to the books and do it not very often, give a preference to the expanded and more generous Audible.

Oyster vs Scribd – are the same?

These two services in e-books industry nowadays trying to become like Netflix in movie industry. Scribd and Oyster let you read as many e-books as you want for a $10 for Oyster and for $8.99 for Scribd. These services are really great and helpful in a long weekend, on vacation, on traveling by train or airplane. And of course, these services are better than regular walking into a library.

Oyster interface

Book selection

Both services have around 1 million of titles for different people tastes. Also, services provide newest books and they are always legal. A little benefit of Scribd is that it asks about the types of books you like while registration. Oyster don’t, but provide cool recommendations based on what subscribers often reading.

Both services include over 1 million of titles and different useful features: recommendations, possibility to add notes and highlights, some kind of sleeping mode.

The applications


For using these services, you need a device that lets you to install an application. Both platforms can be set on iPhones, iPads and Android gadjets and Kindle Fire tablets. Oyster also works on Nook tablets and Scribd has appliation on Windows devices. Scribd also lets subscribers to read on web browsers on their personal computers, while Oyster not.

Apps for those platforms provide typical features like for e-books. On both apps subscriber can begin reading a book on one gadget and pick up where you stoped on other device.

In Oyster you can store 10 e-books o one gadget, at the same time Scribd lets you to save 20 e-books. Each of platforms allows reading on 6 devices.
If you usually read only 1 book a month, it is better for you to buy it in paper; it costs less than the monthly subscription for services.

With Oyster and Scribd subscribtion, access to the books ends after canceling a membership. In the other case, if you read 3-5 books per month it is valuable for you to buy a month subscribtion.

Both services offer the 30-day of free trial, so you can try them, and look how many books you can affort per month.

In general, both services are at the same decent level, but still scribd on the floor of the ball rules out Oyster, at least at a cost of $ 1 cheaper.

SCRIBD statistics 2018

Here we want to share with you some interesting statistical facts about Scribd we dug up.

Scribd was found and launched in 2007 in San Francisco be 3 inspired men – Jared Friedman, Trip Adler and Tikhon Bernstam.

Each month Scribd gets 100 million unique visitors (as for August 2018).

The number of Scribd paying subscribers counts 750 000 (as for April 2018).

In Scribd nearly 60 million of documents were shared.

Amount time users spent reading on service counts 150 million hours (as for August 2018).

People from more that 194 countries using Scribd regularly (in some countries Scribd is blocked by local authorities)

Number of titles on Scribd is nearly 1 million.

Changing the way the world reads

Scribd mission

Scribd traffic statistics of 2018

Firstly, we want to say that about Scribd rank:

• Global Rank (around the world) – 301;
• Country rank (for example – Unied States) – 662; 
Traffic rank of website in category “Books and literature” – 3 (as comparing to the other websites in category).

Total Scribd visits (from desktop and from mobile application) counts over 173 million people, and average visit durates almost 3 minutes.

The main traffic source to is Facebook (83,31%). Second place occupied by direct coming (11,57%), and third occupied by referall liks comers – 2,67%.

Scribd generates 99,91% organic traffic, and we must confess that it is very amazing result for e-book reading service.

The most popular Scribd categories are:
• computer and electronics software;
• careear and education;
• Internet and telecom;
• adult.

So, what is your value on Scribd?

With this service you can regularly surf on popular New York Times best-sellers using mobile app or desktop browsing, also Scribd often releases “Scribd Selects” every month, which are handpicked from a wide range of genres. If searched e-book or audiobook isn’t available, the Scribd team always gives high quality feedback, and you can always e-mail at at

Finally, Scribd subscription is cheaper than buying a paper books, service offers much more titles to readper month and provide different convenient ways for reading and listening.

The most FAQ

How many books can I read each month?

In free trial 30-day period you are able to access limited titles of specific content, but after getting a subscribtion for $8.99 per month you will be able to read and listen as many books as you wish! Scribd guarantee unlimited access, but it can’t guarantee that all searched titles will be available in the library.

Can I read books offline on the Scribd app?

If subscriber have Scribd app installed onhis device, he can always download needed book and then read it offline. User should browse needed book as usual, then choose the one searched for and select the “Download” option on the book on page. 

Will my membership automatically renew?

After finishing 30-day trial period subscriber membership will automatically renew within 24 hours, and this will happen every month until subscriber cancel his subscribtion. Every month subscriber will pay $8.99. If he doesn’t want to continue being a member of Scribd community after free trial period, he must cancel the subscribtion, this also need to do if subscriber wants to stop being a member after paying usage.

What payment methods can I use?

By signing up online via, subscriber will be informed that service accept a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards. Also new users can get a subscription directly from iTunes on iOS device or using and PayPal in select countries! 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, it is poossible! But notice, after user will cancel a membership, premium account will stay active for the time he has last paid for. When this time finishes, user account will be active but for free features. The subscriber still has access to his profile without paying any fees and will always be able to renew a membership any time.

And very important notice: all subscriptions started with using iTunes, should be canceled only through iTunes.

What countries can I use Scribd in?

It’s not a big surprise but Scribd is available worldwide!User can be dialed with it in every point on Earth where he has access to the Internet or just download interesting titles o reading offline on the device or computer. And remember – the absence of connection to the Internet is not the reason to be out of Scribd service and is not the reason to be without book options!

Can I use Scribd offline?

Yes. The subscriber needs to download the book, using the option “Download” at Scribd app installed on mobile gadget.

No matter if internet is active or not, user can always read downloaded files.  The subscriber also can store different titles at the same time for all the offline reading he can do! To find the list of all downloaded files for offline reading, user should just go over to Saved titles, turn on the “Downloaded” button, and find the titles he has saved. 

Can I read offline on my computer

User are not able to use the option for downloading files and content using or the mobile version of website, but he will be able to enjoy offline reading on a computer as long as it’s been enabled for downloading. If selected book is available for saving to the computer, user can find ‘Download’ option on document viewer.

Why is the e-book I’m reading started being unavailable?

Scribd’s library contains hundred of thousands ofe-books, audiobooks etc. and stored at library thanks to the permission of the publishing partners. Service are trying not to delete books once included in categories. The main reasons of files deleting are that the publishers asked for titles to be taken down, or the author doesn’t want to stay longer on service or contracts deals changed, etc. 

If Scribd team wants to remove book, they will try email the subscriber about this situation. Scribd trying to do this as earlier as it possible for users to finish reading e-book or to listening an audiobook.

Are authors paid when I read premium membership content?

Yes, they are. Scribd authors always doing their job, writeing new books for service members and of course they are compensated when their book becoming a part of premium membership service. Scribd deals with authors and publishing partners by the payment for all membership content. So, every time people read an author title or listen to an audiobook, Scribd pay them the full price for their great work done. Revenue that Scribd team earns from monthly membership fees always paid to the original publishers or authors every time user read their work on service.

How to get 2-month free Scribd subscribtion?

Team know about such benefit that Scribd with Samsung is giving a 2 month of free trial usage instead of just 30-day. That is really crazy! Imagine that no one have no other way how to get 2-month free Scribd trial. Samsung gives an extra one-month subscription for free, but happy user must be an owner of Samsung Galaxy device.

How can he/she get it?

  • open Galaxy Apps in Samsung Galaxy device;
  • search for Scribd and downloadl Scribd for Samsung app;

How do I listen to an audiobook?

A premium membership gives an access to use content of audiobooks library! It doesn’t metter what use will be doing while listeing, audiobooks are available in very good quality.

Here audiobooks can be found in 2 ways. On the home screen in the app, by choosing the “Audiobooks”, user will be shown a list of saved audiobooks, and he can also scroll through different audiobooks which was selecrted and suggested to user according to his interests, searches, main trends and bestsellers. People also find a specific audiobook by title or author, clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the home page.

How can I learn more about Scribd if I didn’t find an answer on my my questions?

If subscriber or future user didn’t find an answer on their question they can try to find answers in Scribd help center. If their question isn’t answered in help center, they always can ask somebody from support team.

This service reflects the future, not because it is a convinient online library, but just because almost every one of us in the everyday race for getting knowledge absorbs a huge amount of information, and of course, wants to save time searching for the different sources of knowledge and money on their acquisition. Scribd provides these two conditions. A small fee for you to use of the huge resource base can make everyone reading a little bit happier. And if suddenly you missed something while reading the material, here is a small tutorial video.

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