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First of all, before we get into every single detail about how to elaborate a well-done press release, we are providing here a free fill-in-the-blank sample format for PDF, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.

So before you keep on reading about the tips we are providing for a better communication with the press about the event you are planning, please click here to download the Free Press Release Template (PDF/Word/Google Docs).

Once downloaded it, just insert your logo and substitute the words in brackets so you identify your company or institution and the event or activity you are going to do soon.

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Press Release Format Structure

To elaborate a well-done press release, it is important to have in mind that this sort of communication tool follows a very simple format that makes the writing process a simpler one. Plenty of journalist and bloggers have to read hundreds of press releases on a daily basis, thus the following of the format provided here is a truly helpful aid in order to send your message straight with the vital information available at first glance.

The following image summarizes the most relevant elements of well-done press release

Click here to download free press release template in PDF, DOC, Google Docs.

1. Company Logo

1. Logo. 2. Contact Info. 3. Release Date.

The first thing that all press releases should carry is the company logo at the top center of the page. It is important to include a high-resolution link of a PNG image of your logo in case you are going to send the document by email to different journalist and bloggers.

2. Contact Information

Just under the logo at the right margin of the page, it is advisable to put along the necessary information for those interested in your activity can contact you. Another choice some people prefer is to put the contact information just at the end of the body paragraphs. Whatever choice you make, it is truly important to place this data in the press release. This information should look like the following:

Contact: Joseph Doe
Phone: (012) 345-6789
Email: Joseph Doe@doemail.com

3. Release Date

Since not all press releases carry a release date, you can omit this step when writing a press release. But in case you want to include this sort of data, just place it right below the logo on the left margin of the page. Instead of the date, this information should either say “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” or “FOR RELEASE ON [date] AT [time]”

4. Headline

4. Headline. 5. Sub-header. 6. Dateline.

The importance of the headline or “head” is that it has to catch the attention of the readers in order to encourage them to continue reading. The headline should be kept short and straight to the point. It is advisable that the length of it should be in the range of 80 to 170 characters with a clear and easy to understand language.

You have to keep in mind that the main idea of the press is to attract the journalist who reads it, so it is not necessary to promote your company at first. With the headline, you set the main story that later on will serve to link to your company back ground and objectives. The head should be centered with a 14 font size and highlighted in bold.

5. The Deck (Sub-header)

Just below the headline is the place to put the sub-header or deck. The main purpose of this part of the press release is to give you the opportunity to develop you story angle a little bit further, but the information presented here should not be a repetition of what is stated in the headline.

6. Dateline

To show the date and place of the article, the dateline is another of the important feature of a press release. It is placed along with the first body paragraph separated with a dash. The place should be written completely in capital letters. The way it should look would be like this:

TALLAHASSEE, FL, November 25 – [Body Text…]

7. First Body Paragraph

All the important information you want to share with journalist and bloggers should be placed in the first paragraph of the press release. Here questions like who, what, when, where, and how/why should be answered to make the press release clear to the reader.

The first paragraph should be a brief summary providing the journalist or blogger who reads it a main idea of what the whole story is about. This first part of the paragraph bodies should stick to facts exclusively, avoiding advertising or trying to sell any item your company or organization produces. The font should be non-bold and with a 12 font size.

8. Remainder of Body

7. 1st Paragraph 8. Body.

The rest of the body paragraphs are intended to give further details to the story you started to mention with the headline, the deck, and the first body paragraph. The style approach should be in the journalist sort, so the text should be used the way it is written by media outlets.

The length of these paragraphs should not exceed the 2 to 4 sentences range, so keep them as short as possible. On them, information like statistics, hyperlinks, media content and quotes can be included.

Media Content

In this section of the press release, you can include any sort of media content like photos, videos, and audio clips. Assure yourself that the original data is included when sending the press release, thus these contents can be used by your media contacts if they want to do it. This would be very helpful to be noticeable on both social media and search engines.


Certain aspects of the story you are telling need to be highlighted, so the use of quotes in any part of the body of paragraphs is advisable. The usage of quotes can be a truly helpful tool in order to add a different perspective from the writer’s.

9. Boilerplate

9. Boilerplate. 10. End notation. 11. Final Note.

The last paragraph presented in the press release should be the boilerplate. Here it is presented all the information about what your organization or company does. This data should be a truthful description and it can be used several times in future press releases.

10. End Notation

A two pages press release should have centered at the bottom of the first page the word “more” to indicate that the letter has more information coming; on the final one three pound signs should indicate the end of the note, and they would look like the following ###.

11. Final Note

When the text of the press release is totally done, it is advisable to include a final note at the bottom to motivate any reader who requires extra information providing a way to get in touch with you. An example of this final note should be: “If you would like more information about this topic, please call [Name] at [Phone number], or email [Email address].”

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Once you use them, it is a certain fact that your note will be delivered into the biggest media companies in the world such as Associated Press and PR Newswire. The access to these media services will make your press release searchable to approximately 90,000 professional journalists and bloggers on the web.

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How to write Press Release from Google Developers Channel by Claire Freeman, Founder, My Plus One and AirSpruce

How to Format Press Releases?

In order to write a well-presented press release, there are several factors you should take into account. The following rules of formatting one have to be kept in mind:

  • Maintain the length of the press release in a maximum of two pages, or with a limit of 400 to 500 words.
  • By all means, do not use words such as “I”, “we”, or “you”.
  • Try to use standard fonts like Calibri or Times New Roman. Remember that sizes are going to vary according to the part of the note you are writing.
  • The header should be presented in bolded style and the sub-header should be italicized.
  • It is recommended to use 1” margins preferable on white paper.
  • It is advisable to PROOFREAD the note once it is already finished.

It is good to keep in a mind that a press release is a very important tool to introduce your company or organization in a very trustable and professional way. Assure that the letter is proofread repeatedly so no grammar or spelling mistakes should be shown. It is recommendable that a reliable friend or colleague should check it before distributing it in case of any mistakes you have not seen.

Press Release Examples

The following are some examples of press releases. They can be used as guides in order to create you own one. To read them fully, just click on the links provided:

1. Coming Soon

2. Coming Soon

3. Coming Soon

If you need more examples just go and check a list of the top 50+ favorite press releases from the same small business site mentioned before. In this list, besides the examples provided a series of tips from the authors on how they were successful are shown in the link in this paragraph.


If you follow the press release template provided at the beginning of this article, you will have a really good starting point in promoting any activities your company or organization perform. Please try to stick to the format and thus you are certain that all the needed information is going to be provided to the different media outlets you want to inform about it.

Also, check the recommended site for launching it, eReleases, and ideal for small businesses. Remember by using this service, your press release will be available for more than 5,000 media outlets and it is a good thing to recall that you can save 33% on your first press release by visiting this site.

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So, what’s your favorite press release?


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