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The services of press releases are responsible for distributing different press communities for all those journalists, reporters and journalists. This allows a greater exposure and probability of publication of these articles. The distribution of press releases is a well-established method used to notify journalists of the news they have to share your business or organization. The publicity generated by the distribution of press releases can help a business grow, to increase donations to a nonprofit organization or even to establish an individual as a prominent authority in any subject.

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson
Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"

Communication, both internal and external, has become an essential element for the development and proper functioning of any company, regardless of whether it is a start-up or a long-term company. In addition, a good service for the distribution of press can make the message arrive in a much more effective way.

Press releases have become more versatile than ever, especially in the current scene of social communication. Obviously they have existed for a long time, but apart from traditional purposes (announcing the launch of a new product, the latest acquisition of a company, etc.); press releases also offer great publicity for companies. A good distribution of them is fundamental, and the more means of more countries we reach, the better.

So, we analyzed the most popular options and rising stars and decided to review eReleases, PR Web and PR Newswire. These companies are the most popular press release distribution services on the market today, which are in a range of prices that small business owners can afford.


eReleasesPR WebPR Newswire
(including discount 33%)
(start at $99)
Google and Yahoo News
AP Wire Distribution*
Distribution Network6000+ Websites31000+ Websites and JournalistsOver 1500 Resources
Photo or Video Service– Free Photo Link
– $150 to embed Image
– $200 to embed video

– Free for attach photo
– Video if you have premium package
– Image and Video in Premium package
Writing Service$300$325

*This includes distribution of your press release to top US newspapers and media outlets — The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Dallas Morning News — through the Associated Press (AP). AP webfeeds are accessible to more than 30,000 journalists at more than 1,300 U.S. newspapers.

Better service of distribution of press releases for small companies

The press release distribution company eReleases has once again been recognized as the best option for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs who want to connect with journalists and generate impressive media coverage. Fit Small Business, an in-depth review and guidance service for small business owners, selected eReleases in its annual rating for public relations services. This year marks the third consecutive in which eReleases has earned this distinction.

“EReleases is simply the best option to get news coverage. While all public relations services make similar claims, eReleases stands out for its emphasis on print journalism”

Marc Prosser, founder of Fit Small Business.

In this sense, we recommend eReleases as the best press release distribution service for small businesses because they offer the widest distribution for the price. When some competitors focus primarily on the web exhibition, eReleases aims to put its story in the hands of qualified journalists. Its service includes distribution through The Associated Press, the PR Newswire network and its own network of websites and journalists.

The ultimate goal of the press releases is to make public relations with the media and journalists. Also, its main objective is to ensure that the information dealing with data, facts or circumstances that benefit the company and are of general interest, interest the media. Next, we detail the advantages of a good distribution of press releases.

Around the world, more than 80 million people read news. Just thinking that only 0.1% of readers read your message through a press release and hires a service or buys a product; the press release has fulfilled its objective. There are a large number of potential customers, so we must take full advantage of our possibilities and distribute our press release as much as possible. And for this reason, hiring a press service like EReleases is a good option


Another reason to trust eReleases is that to distribute a press release in an appropriate way, and if we want to send it internationally, it is essential to save time. For this, first it is necessary to segment the agencies, media and journalists who will receive the information. Then it would be necessary to mount the distribution of the press release. If we do all this, sending a press release can take days, even weeks. But this company does it in minutes

It would be advisable to have a distribution service with the segmentation already done, so that when we write the text, we can send it with immediacy. And this can be done by eReleases.

Read eReleases Costumer Reviews

If you want to get news coverage for your business, eReleases has the best track record of generating real interest among journalists that leads to stories and mentions in articles. Their website is full of recent testimonials from companies that have used their service and have been able to generate significant media coverage as a result.

While PR Web and PR Newswire offer this same type of distribution through their services, you must pay much more for the type of coverage you get with eReleases at a cheaper price.

PR Web is the Best Press Release Service for Online Exposure

The ultimate goal of the press releases is to make public relations with the media and journalists. Also, its main objective is to ensure that the information dealing with data, facts or circumstances that benefit the company and are of general interest, interest the media.

The distribution of press releases is an effective way to ‘appear on the map’ or to reinforce our message and increase traffic and sales without spending too much as you would in a large-scale advertising campaign.


In this sense, we recommend PR Web as a Press release service, but it is better as press release service for online exposure. We recommend PR Web as the best service for distributing press releases for online exhibition, since they include many more online resources in their distribution network, more than 30,000 compared to 5,900 for eReleases and more than 1,400 for PR Newswire.

If your company gives priority to the online distribution of its press releases, either because it carries out most of its online business or because it is trying to target savvy consumers of the web, then PR Web is the most important option.

More about PR Web

Press releases present the theme of the campaign, help journalists to frame the message accurately and provide background information and quotes from people participating in the campaign. They must convey with accuracy and conviction the key messages of the campaign. If it has a policy document, it can serve as the basis for a press release, but it may be necessary to shorten it and adjust it for use by the media. A press release should have between one and three pages maximum; the shorter, the better. Check also Free Press Release Template.

PR Newswire: Another Press Distribution Option

PR Newswire‘s Communications Service offers the client an exclusive tool, since it allows the distribution of press releases through the circuits used by PR Newswire, so that press releases reach all media.

In addition to distributing the communications through our exclusive service, we send them to the emails of each journalist who may be interested in the subject, since we have databases by themes that adapt to the needs of each client.

PR Newswire

In almost all cases, we would recommend eReleases or PR Web through PR Newswire. However, PR Newswire offers a unique feature: if you opt for your premium option at $399, the image in your press release will air in Times Square

Compared to the cost of paid advertising in several countries, the distribution of press releases internationally can be considered one of the cheapest options compared to paid advertisements. Your results are also more observable and measurable. In general, using the distribution of press releases to increase traffic and maximize positioning efforts is really a good value for money. In this sense, it is advisable to hire a press distribution service and what better option than PR Newswire

Otherwise, PR Newswire was more expensive than eReleases and PR Web, although it had the lowest distribution, both in news and online.

eReleases vs. PR Web vs. PR Newswire


In the comparison table above, we use each of your mid-level pricing options because we believe that it would be the most suitable product for most small businesses. A more in-depth comparison is below:

eReleasesPR WebPR Newswire
Basic Option$299$99$129
Writing Service$300$325
LinkeReleasesPR WebPR Newswire

In the previous table we can see that there is a great variation of prices between the 3 press distribution services. Being the EReleases service the cheapest in multiple options, but in the Premium option, the EReleases service is the most expensive.

In the same sense, we can appreciate that the services offered by PR Newswire are more expensive than the rest while PR Web is maintained with a price on average between the 3 companies.

Compared to the cost of paid advertising in several countries, the distribution of press releases internationally can be considered one of the cheapest options compared to paid advertisements. Your results are also more observable and measurable. For this reason we invite you to compare the aforementioned table.

Main Features

Maintaining a digital presence is extremely important. In fact, almost 8 out of 10 people research an online business before visiting a small business or making a purchase with them. Today, customers demand frequent communication in order to act. For this reason, press distribution service companies acquire such important work

Before the Internet became a major information stream, cable services were the main way in which news was distributed. A cable service is a news agency such as the Associated Press that provides news syndicated by cable to newspapers, radio and television stations

Nowadays, cable services continue to be an important tool to reach newspapers, magazines and news bulletins, but they are not the only tool. In a world where technology, communication and advertising have evolved a lot in recent years. New tools appear, consumers change and, as the market reinvents itself, brands must do the same to create awareness, positioning and reputation marketing. In the midst of that context, what is the future of press releases?

The press release is one of the main instruments of any good public relations strategy. That tool that apparently does not seem to have changed at the same speed as the others.

Most journalists and reporters use search engines such as Google and Yahoo! News to investigate your stories. This is partly because they can look for specific information, so they can have more specific control over the information they find. This helps separate the signal from the noise, reducing its overall investigation time. Therefore, it is a good idea to have your press release listed in these search engines. For this reason, the press distribution services should be oriented to an online distribution

EReleases, PR Web and PR Newswire offer this service. If this is your only goal, there are several services, such as Web20RankerPR Underground, Send2Press or SBwire, which will do this for you for much less money. PR Underground, for example, can distribute your article to Google News and more than 50 websites for as little as $39. But why hire a press distribution service like the ones mentioned above if there are many more cheaply

In the case of eReleases, it provides cable distribution through the Associated Press. What this means is that your press release will be available to more than 60,000 journalists, such as those who write for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, etc. through the Associated Press webfeed.

Through eReleases, search capability is a valuable research tool for more than 90,000 registered journalists, writers and journalists. As with the most successful online tools, usability and intuitive operation are fundamental. In this platform, companies can write their message, hire a customized shipment and guarantee a certain number of mentions in different media segmented by categories. In addition you can include links, images and videos in the contents!

However, eReleases includes a free link to a photo with your press release and charges $ 150 to insert a photo and $200 to embed a video.

EReleases Testimonial

In the same sense, PR Web is the largest distribution of websites and press releases are sent to more than 30,000 bloggers and journalists. If you carry out most of your online business or try to reach an online audience, such as influential people in social networks, this may be the most effective option for you.

Pr Web Testimonial

Using their services, the sending and receiving of information in the newsrooms is guaranteed. Segmentation covers more than 90 categories and 7,000 receivers PR Web includes a free photo with its press release and free video with its premium package.

But PR Newswire is the only service we review to convey the image of your press release in Times Square. It is unlikely that this unique feature will generate the same kind of media attention or online exposure as the presentation of your press release to the news, but it could capture an image of the broadcast for use in future promotional materials.

PR Newswire Video

Also, PR Newswire includes a free photo and video with its press release with its premium package.

Do press releases offer SEO value?

The answer is no.

(SEO) refers to the process of optimizing a website to improve its positioning in search engines such as Google. The higher the ranking of the website, the more likely it is that people will click on it and visit it.

A press release linked to your company’s website and, therefore, to the websites that published your press release, would help improve the ranking of your website in the search engines. However, as search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated, they have begun to penalize websites that try to take advantage of this system.

Actually, press releases can include links, but they have to be coded as “not following” so that search engines can ignore them. Therefore, the use of a press release will not provide any SEO benefit directly.

Writing Services

If we talk about creation, having a team of experts is possibly the best way. They must ensure that the generated document complies with the characteristics that the current market demands. Some of them could be: An inspiring title that appeals to the press, the final public and the brand. Also, Images that excite the audience and support a good story. In the same way, it must contain a clear and simple language. In addition to an attractive context.

If you are not sure how to write in the press release or if you want help creating a press release that generates media attention, both eReleases and PR Web offer copywriting services. EReleases cost $300 for the service and PR Web cost $325

However, if you have time, it is probably best to save your money and write the press release yourself. But, another option is to hire someone at Fiverr to write your press release for as little as $5.

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