15+ Best Ways to Get Free Books 2019

There is no more joy to a reader that a way to get a new book, especially if there is no price attached to it. So if the following lines, there is a list of forms that will guarantee the acquisition of a book for free.

Some of those books can hold physically or read online; while others are meant to be kept or borrow. Many others can come in the form of an audiobook or one of the eBooks offered by different cell phones companies. You can either receive them by mail or move to a bookstore or library to pick them up.

Perhaps some of the following ideas are not brand new to you, but there are many of them that can provide you a new hint in order to get free books for your own enjoyment and for you family too.

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1. Borrow or Trade Books with a Friend

A great source of getting books for free is placed in your circle of family and friends. The chances that the book goes to be yours is high after friends or relatives decided to pass the material to you since they have gone through it and they are not planning to give any further reading.

Trade books with your friends

But be kind to provide them with the same favor and handle books you are not planning to read anymore or you consider it more suitable to your friend or relative – according to the taste they have in readings.

This is a certain way to get plenty of material to read for the years to come.

2. Read a Free Book through Google Play

The android app provider offers much free stuff to be downloaded. Among those stuff offers, books are always suggested by the site to be enjoyed in your smartphone or tablet.

Google Play Free Books

But the offer is not limited to books exclusively; Google Play also provides music and movies for free

3. Find Free Books on Craiglist

Craigslist Free Stuff here

It is a very useful resource using Craiglist to get most of free material you want to get. On the group website, a free section is provided for people who are giving several stuffs for free, books are among them. So next time you are surfing on the site, check for the free section and you will find a free book you will certainly enjoy reading it.

4. Read Online at Bibliomania

Bibliomania website

Many classic reading materials are available in the catalogue of Bibliomania website, as well as non-fiction texts. Furthermore, they can be completely read online and they range from different sort of topics and target to different ages.

5. Get Books from Public Library

One of the most common ways to get a free book to enjoy is checking around in a public library. A great disadvantage in this situation is that most of the book you will have for a certain period of time to enjoy them; keeping them is out of the question. But the chance to get a book to read for free is always there by choosing this option.

Public Library
Public Library

Another possibility in getting free reading material from your public library us waiting for the day they will get a book sale in the premises. The costs of the books are not going to be very high as a new book in a bookstore, and there is a high probability that, if you go on the last day of the sale, you can get a book with paying a dime.

6. Check out Books with BookCrossing

A truly particular form of getting new and free books is by going BookCrossing. Through this method, people left books to be hunted, taken by others, read them, and after that release those books back again into the wild for another reader to enjoy it.

Just go to Internet and select Books & People and after that check on Go Hunting to find the places where participants of this sort of book exchanging have left books around the city just waiting to be picked up.

7. Get Free Kindle Books

If you are the owner of a Kindle, the possibilities to get a free book are huge, with thousands of title waiting to be downloaded directly into your device.

The categories you can select are limitless into the fiction and non-fiction themes. Some of these kinds of books for this device fall into children literature totally free for your Kindle and also there are great choices to get romance books for this device.

Reading on Kindle

An option offer from Kindle is the possibility to borrow and lend those free books with any person in your family or friends groups.

NOTE: It is not necessary to have the device with you; you can download the free Kindle reading app on your smartphone, computer, or any other device at your disposal to start enjoying free books form the Kindle catalogue offers.

8. Find a Free Book for your Nook

For those who prefer Nook instead of Kindle, there is a way to get lots of free books to be downloaded into your device.

Nook Books
NOOK devices

Check the Internet searcher of your preference and there is going to be innumerable pages that provide different titles for the Nook without charging a single dollar. Go now and find these pages and you will be enjoying tons and tons of free books for the years to come.

NOTE: As with Kindle, Nook has an application that can be installed in any of your smart devices or computers. Download the free Nook reading app and start enjoying all the free books offered to this device.

9. Download a Free Audio Books

A saving time option is listening to a audio version of that book you want to read, or in this case to listen. Although audio books are very expensive to get, there are chances to get many of them for free.

Audiobook listener

Clicking in the link above will provide a list of audiobooks that can be downloaded and then added to your phone library, store them in a computer, iPhone, Android or a MP3 player, or burn them into a Flash so you can enjoy it in your car or home without the need of a computer or a smart device.

10. Sign your Child Up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

The famous country music singer has a website where books are offered for children without any charge for the reading material. The delivery of the free books is made monthly from the catalogue of the library.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Registration is totally free, just click in the link above and children from birth up to five years old are going to receive the free material.

11. Claim Free Books through Freecycle

Freecycle is a web page whose main goal is connecting people who wants to get rid of some stuff and give to those who want it.

Just click the link provided above these lines and check your Freecycle group to be aware when they place books or other material for free that interest you. After finding the book you were looking for, go and pick it up with no strings attached.

12. Earn Free Books through Reading Programs

Many publishing companies, like Barnes & Noble, have established summer reading programs for children. In those programs, most of these publishers give free books as an incentive for kids to participate in them.

Summer Reading Program by 
Barnes & Noble

Just go and click the link provided in this article and give your kids the opportunity to enjoy a good reading material.

13. Receive Free Book Installments in your Email with DailyLit

Another particular way to read free book online is by joining DailyLit. In your email you will receive a passage of a book of your preference and you won’t dedicate more than five minutes to read it.


Most of the titles in DailyLit belong to the public domain and Creative Commons licenses so it is completely legal to downloaded, read and enjoy them.

14. Ask for Free Books at Garage Sales

While visiting some local garage sales, especially on the closing day you will be amazingly surprised watching how people give some of the items they brought for sale completely free. This include several books people don´t want to take back home after trying to get rid of them in a garage sale.

Garage Sales

When you are at one of them, check with care the box of free stuff, it can be a nice place to find a free book.

15. Trade Books Online at PaperBack Swap

Although PaperBack is not totally free, this is getting a place on this list due to the low prices you have to pay for the book you want to keep.

To get a free book by this method, first you have to mail out a book of your property at someone else’s request. After you send it and pay for the shipping, you will get a credit that will be exchange in the form of a free book another person will ship to you.

An option quite close to PaperBack Swap that you will give it a try is BookMooch.

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