1566+ Free Footages, Templates, Overlays and Effects for Video Editing

Tired of searching around the Internet looking for acceptable effects for video editing? Take advantage of our mega-selection of free footages, templates and special effects. Here you will find everything that helps to create unusual and simply cool content.

Look also through our selection: 600+ free special effects for editing: VFX and SFX.

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson
Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"


Sound Effects – SFX

A selection of SFX sound effects includes:


350 free FX Sound Effects


350 Free Sound FX is a free package of sound effects for video from Motion Bro. Designed for After Effects. The promotional video of the set shows in detail how to add sound to the video. You can use effects in personal and commercial projects, except for resale as stock files. Specifying an author in credits is optional.

A set of 350 free SFX sound effects contains the work of 5 sound designers. The pack consist of: clicks, signals, whistles, beats, glitches, various digital sounds and other elements of modern motion design. Short audio tracks are acceptable for daily use by designers and video editors.


30 Free Horror-style SFX Effects

Download 30 awesome Rocketstock horror-style sound effects. The package is intended for use in Adobe After Effects. With the help of the presented SFX, you can create the soundtrack of comic clips for Halloween or a full-fledged horror movie.

The free SFX package contains: a tense atmosphere and terrifying silence, breathing and whispering, screaming and squealing, blood and guts, digital destruction and short effects for trailers. You can use sounds in any projects but distributing these files is prohibited.

Screensavers, Intro, Slideshow



Double Exposure – 22 Intro templates

Template pack for intro is designed for After Effects version CS5 and higher. Here you can find 22 double-exposure scenes with FullHD resolution (1920 × 1080), which do not require the use of third-party plug-ins. Templates are completely free to use.

Scenes have two default color settings: light and dark. But users can adjust the color manually. Headings and subheadings use the free Gobold font. While downloading you will receive a video instruction how to use the templates. See also the video review of the Double Exposure Intro pack.


Glitch Intro – pack of templates for Intro


The author created intro templates with “glitches” using the Glitch Transitions plugin. Previously, the set was paid, but today all subscribers of the youtube channel videolancer can use it for free. Third-party plugins are not required for work. Templates are acceptable for After Effects projects version CC 2014 and higher.

In the downloaded archive you will also find a script that allows you to change the resolution of the video to 4K. Total set consist of templates for “glitch” animation of the background and text and sound FX effects.


Glitch with a Freeze Frame – template for intro and trailers

Glitch Freeze Frame Trailer

Glitch Freeze Frame Trailer is the best way to present the characters of the film in the style of cyberpunk, techno-fantasy, space and chrono-fantasy. To work with the template, you need to use After Effects CS6 or higher. No additional plugins required. Subscribers of the youtube channel videolancer can use the template for video for free for any purpose.

The trailer pack uses fragments from the short film Tears of Steel. Sound effects are not included. If sound from the pack is suitable for your project, then use the compositions from the Dirtyflint Follow The White Rabbit music collection.


Inspirational Title Animation – Intro Template

Inspiring Title Sequence

Built a dynamic and creative intro for your video with the free Inspiring Title Sequence template. The text automatically gets the background texture with scaling and the background itself becomes muted under the color filter. Third-party plugins or manual configuration are not required.

The project is adapted for quick use in After Effects CS5-CC.2014. The template for video has a resolution of HD 2K (2048 × 1152) and 2K (2048 × 858). For the title and signature, the Code Bold and Intro fonts are used. You can use videolancer title animation in commercial and non-commercial projects for free.


3D Flourish Intro – free project for After Effects

E3D Flourish Intro

The E3D Flourish Intro project is intended for use in After Effects CS5. To create your intro you will need the Element 3D V1 plugin. The template is suitable for a standard After Effects card. The video uses the colors of category BG.

This project includes 3 animated Flourish objects. Also in the archive you will find training materials on how to use the project. The promotional video template uses the font Optimus Princeps. You can use animated materials in commercial and non-commercial projects.


Pixelate Noise – template for Slideshow


This free template for After Effects CS5 and above does not require additional plugins to work with. Use 33 pixelate noise patterns in your slideshows, screensavers and movie intros. Control colors and text as you wish. The promotional video uses the free font Bender.

PIXELATE NOISE slideshow templates can be used free in any projects. To download files, you must be a subscriber to the videolancer channel.


Fast Frame Scrolling – template for video Logos

Fast Flip: Logo Reveal Template

Extremely fast frame flip template suitable for presentation of your brand. The project is editable in After Effects. You can use the template for any purpose, lead the standard of free RocketStock license. The project was developed in conjunction with PremiumBeat, so sound effects are included in the download.

While opening a project, you can change colors and images in it. For these actions, specific template folders are used:

  • 00 Assets – place for storage all materials.
  • 01 Modify Logo – open “Logo” to download your logo.
  • 02 Modify Images/Video – download your pictures and video.
  • 03 Scene Options – customize colors, overlays, etc.
  • 04 Render Zone – rendering 720 or 1080.


Fast Slides – template for Slideshow

Fast Slides: Slideshow Template

A free template for Adobe After Effects allows you to build super dynamic slideshows. The Fast Slides project has Full HD quality and can be used for any purpose. Pay attention to the terms of the standard RocketStock license. Sound effects from the promo video are not included in the archive – composition “Liseberg” by Origami Pigeon on

Users can access the full editing of the project: images, logo, video, audio, text, colors, overlays. Rendering of 720 and 1080p is also available. All files for editing are distributed in the corresponding folders.


Freeze Frame with Ink Splat – a template for a Screensaver

Custom Ink Splat Title

The Ink Splat Title template allows you to create an “exclamation point” screensaver. Select the main object of the video, stop it, add an ink blot on the background and create a title. The project is free to use for personal and commercial purposes, without distributing the original file.

You can adjust the movement of the screensaver, change the color of ink spots and add any other effects to the video. On the downloading page you will find instructions how to use and edit files.




Shooting through binoculars, sniper scope, diving mask, etc.

A pack of 11 video overlays will expand the capabilities of your camera. The set includes shooting through: binoculars, sniper scope, peephole, video camera, ski goggles, diving mask, night vision device, thermal camera, video detector, ice and raindrops.

Files are acceptable for use in After Effects with the Motion Bro extension. Download overlays for free can only videolancer subscribers. You can use pack files in any projects.


VHS-style video preset + instructions for creating the effect

VHS Aesthetic in After Effects

If you need a video in the style of analog VHS format, then use the instructions provided and additional materials. Creating a video like a cassette camera requires the usage of several methods, each of which is described on the page with presets.

Add Lumetri color, sharpen the picture, split the RGB channels, create a 4:3 sides ratio, apply a noise effect and play with the timeline. In addition, use the free “VHS effect” preset to get a true picture of the 80s.


Action Pack Lite: 25 explosive VFX elements

Action Pack Lite

The RocketStock team introduced a free selection that includes explosive effects samples from paid action studio’s packs. VFX elements can be added to your video using one of the main editing programs: Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX, Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.

A selection of explosive elements from RocketStock was shot in real conditions with a resolution of 6K. Free action VFX presented as 4K. The pack contains explosions, smoke, fire, flashes, shots, dust and more. You can add these effects to any project for free, but you don’t have the right to distribute the original files.


Spark: 65 free shots, sparks and ricochets

Spark: 65 FREE Bullet Sparks

This package includes 65 mp4 files with effects from different directions shots: strokes, sparks, explosions, ricochets and others. You can upload elements to any NLE or compositing program, like After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. All effects are free for use in commercial and non-commercial projects.

You can use special effects in films of different genres, as well as for explosive video marketing (promotional, advertising). Import the appropriate effect into your project, lay it on top of the frames, change the blend mode to the screen and place the sparks in the right place.


DUST: 10 overlays with Dust Effect in 4K

DUST – 4K Dust Overlays

The package includes 10 overlays with falling, floating and explosive dust. Dynamic effect can be applied for animations and movies. You can use effects for free in any projects, without specifying the author. Overlays can be added to the video in any video editing program.

Effects are displayed as video files that you just need to overlay on top of your frames. To download files, you need to subscribe to the studio email newsletter.


Particle: 15 footages with Flickering Particles

Particle: 15 footages with Flickering Particles

This pack includes 15 clips with flickering particles in HD (720p) and a short tutorial with tips and ideas how to compose. The footages do not require additional plug-ins for installation. MP4 files can be imported into any video editor.

Flying particles can be used in amateur and professional videos, films and animations. Files are free to download and use, but we recommend you to familiarize in detail with the License.

Light and glares



Rainbow Light Leaks: 36 footages

Rainbow Light Leaks

Videolancer Studio present its subscribers a free footages with rainbow highlights. The package contains 36 bright elements in the .mp4 format, so you can set the footage in any editor. Free download and usage of the studio’s youtube channel available to its subscribers.


Light and dust: 16 Volumetric overlays

16 Free Volumetric Light and Dust

A package with popular volumetric lighting and dust effect, is absolutely free for use in commercial and non-commercial projects. By downloading the pack, you agree not to resell or distribute these videos. In total, the this kit consist of 14 overlays with lighting and 2 with soaring dust.

Files are compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects and other NLE. Effects are presented in 4K. The Rocketstock team also provided instructions for using lighting effects.


Prism Bokeh: 35 overlays in 4K

Prism Bokeh Effect

This pack contains effects of different styles for use in cinematic and animation projects. Glare has different colors, bokeh size and gloss intensity. All elements were shot in an organic environment using different lenses (including anamorphic), glass prisms and lighting methods.

35 overlays are presented in .mp4 format, that’s why they can be used in any editor. For a realistic effect, it is recommended to use the blending mode Additive or Screen. Files are free to use, but distribution is prohibited.


Rays of Light: 13 overlays for video editing and Motion Design

Light Leaks for Video Editing & Motion Design

13 lighting effects are editable in any NLE program. In addition to vintage beams of light, the set contains modern and futuristic lighting effects. All effects are too light to be used as the main lighting of the movie.

Light rays can be used in any project and for any purpose. Overlays can also be applied in other ways than masking. On the download page you will find the instructions on how to use overlays and styling tips. Sign up to our newsletter to download files.


LEAK: 20 Light Leaks and Flares

LEAK – Light Leaks and Flares

This free package consist of 20 lighting effects to overlay on any project. These are rays, glares and flashes that have different speeds, brightness and colors. All items are available in 4K.

Overlays can be used as a standard method in any editor, changing the blend mode. The license allows usage of materials in personal and commercial projects. For free downloading you need to subscribe to the email newsletter studio




3D Panoramic Transitions: 3 After Effects presets

Presets are available for free to all subscribers of the youtube channel videolancer. Three panoramic transitions are designed for usage in After Effects with the Motion Bro extension: camera rotation, rotation and camera shake. Use them in any projects, but do not distribute as separate files.

You can also buy a completed pack of 300 panoramic transitions from videolancer studio.


Lens Distortion: 3 After Effects Transitions

Zoom distortion is also a popular transition method. You can use these 3 transitions in personal and commercial projects for free if you are a subscriber to the youtube channel videolancer. This pack contains 3 presets for After Effects with the Motion Bro extension: elastic zoom, rotation and motion rotation.

You can also buy a full set of 170 zoom distortion transitions from videolancer studio.


Trans: 30 transitions Premiere Pro


30 smooth transitions are presented in different styles and with different speed: from simple swipes to optical transitions and glitches. Files can be used in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and higher versions. It is also important to update your creative cloud so that the latest and most complex effects are displayed correctly.

4K effects adapt to video of any resolution. Downloading will be available after subscribing to the email newsletter. You can use files for free, sticking to the standard Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.


Glitch: 20 transitions Premiere Pro


The free package consist of 20 transitions with glitches and various distortions: damage to RGB channels, noise, distortion of space and movement, flicker and other styles. Files are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and higher versions. It’s enough to apply presets to the timeline by changing the blending mode.

Although the license says: “only for personal use”, the authors of the package allow the usage of transitions even in the video for the monetized Youtube channel. License terms are designed primarily for large media companies.

Text templates



Rounded Titles: 9 After Effects Text Templates

Rounded Titles: Animated Lower Thirds And Titles

Dynamic rounded titles are suitable for animations and video projects. The pack includes 9 templates with gradient colors and unique styles: poster, lower third of the screen, half of the screen and others. You can customize your images, videos, colors and other project parameters.

Templates comply with Shutterstock Standard License for free products. Files can only be processed in After Effects.


15 Text Templates Premiere Pro

Animated Lower Thirds

To indicate the location, identify the character or communicate other information on the video, often use the text on the lower third of the screen. Rocketstock has prepared 15 free templates for you not to spend a lot of time creating animated text.

In this selection you will find templates for news, films, cartoons, amateur photography, etc. If you want to change the font or other features of the template, there is a file in the download to import into After Effects. You can use or modify files for any projects.


Another 24 After Effects Text Templates

Rocketstock also prepared a free pack of 24 templates for After Effects. Overlays are professional, ready to use and are avaliable in different styles. The quality of video materials for the lower third of the screen is 4K. Templates can be used in personal and commercial projects for free, without specifying the author.


Ribbon: Free Animated Font

Ribbon – free font for editors, with ready-made animations of each letter. Animated elements are available for use in any editor. Just drag the desired letter to the right place on the video. The pack includes: 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters in Latin, 16 characters, 10 digits.

You can apply color correction for the inscription or individual letters. You have access to .mow files that are easy to edit. You can use the font for any projects.


Messenger: 5 After Effects Text Templates

To present the audience the correspondence of the heroes of the video, they use a digital chat with motion effects. The Rocketstock has designed 5 digital chat templates in different styles. Use messages with or without a photo, change the color of the chat window or the size of the icons / text fields.

The After Effects template is for individual use, not for resale/distribution. Sound effects are not included.


Unity Lite: 5 Wedding Titles and 16 Lighting Effects for After Effects

Unity Lite

Unity Lite Pack is 5 free wedding titles taken from the Unity paid suite. The free pack also includes 16 bonus lighting effects: lighting, rays, glares. These bonus presets are light and bright: 6 presets for the overall picture and 10 transitions. Also after downloading you will find a video tutorial on using effects.

Wedding title icons can be edited, as well as combined light presets. Templates work only in After Effects. You can use headers and effects in any projects, but you cannot distribute files.


Stylish Titles: 10 Stylish Titles Premiere Pro

Stylish titles

10 stylish titles from studio are already animated and ready to use. Mogrt format templates are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 or higher versions. Before using templates, you must install the necessary fonts. You will find links to download fonts on the official page of the package and in the downloaded archive.

The set includes blanks in different styles: the old MTV, flying and swaying text, classic and modern options. To download files, you need to subscribe to the email newsletter. You can use templates for any projects, including commercial videos on the youtube channel.


Bold Type Project: Persuasive Bold Type After Effects

Bold Type Project!

If you need a persuasive and loud title, then use the Bold Type Project. This is one bold font suitable for intro, trailers, screensavers and other formats. Give your movie a cinematic character with a large, fading title. You can add color, contrast and text fade rate.

The Bold Type Project is compatible with After Effects CC 2014 or higher versions. Some users noted the incorrect display of the file in AE SS 2015. You can use the font for free for any purpose except distribution or resale.




35 Free Color Correction LUTs

35 Free LUTs for Color Grading

A pack of 35 free LUT files from RocketStock is suitable for use in any nles editor. These are three-dimensional .CUBE files that allow for color correction immediately after installation. The download also includes documentation to help you install LUT and additional free plugins.

Give your shots a vintage look with LUTs like Faded 47 and Tweed 71. The McKinnon 75 and Pitaya 15 files give the scenes a cinematic look. For standard frames (profile REC 709 and others), “Cobi 3” and “Trent 18” are suitable. Try other LUTs from the set, using them in personal or commercial projects.


LOOK: 10 Creative LUTs


Files are presented in .CUBE format, which allows installation in any modern editor. All LUTs are presented for frames with a standard color profile – REC 709. The license allows the usage of ready-made settings for commercial projects.

Files for downloading will be sent to you by e-mail after subscribing to the newsletter. In the package you will find LUT with turquoise, orange and other shades. Multipurpose tools are also available and they can give your picture a noir or garch style.

Unique Special Effects



650 free presets for Motion Bro


Amazingly big free effects package from Videolancer. All of them are added to your project in a few clicks, using the Motion Bro plugin. Presets are free for using in any projects, including commercial ones. To download the archive you need to be a subscriber of studio’s youtube channel.

This pack contains 350 sound FX effects and 300 presets for video: transitions, frame and zoom transformations, color correction files, graphic elements, HUD files and much more. In addition, you will gain access to After Effects training part 1.


Limitless Zoom: 4 After Effects Presets

Videolancer introduced 4 free presets from the Infinite Zoom pack. Presets are designed for Motion Bro, that’s why you can quick instal them. Downloading files is available after subscribing to the youtube channel. Use unlimited zoom in your projects, including the video to monetize the Youtube channel.


Handheld Shooting: 8 Premiere Pro Presets

Real Handheld Camera Movement

Some scenes require the sense of manual shooting, with a trembling camera and light hand movements. A set of 8 presets for Adobe Premiere Pro SS will help to give dynamics to such scenes. Different styles of imitation of manual shooting are suitable for any project: 4 focal lengths, different intensities of movements, blur frames.

Files are licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. You can modify, mix, and simply use presets, but you have no right to distribute them for commercial purposes.


ERROR: 5 presets with Glitches for Premiere Pro

ERROR – Glitch & Distortion

A set of 5 distortion presets contains these presets: Horizontal Pull, The Shaker, Time Glitch, Total Chaos, Block Distortion. With them, you can add television interference to your movie, shake the camera, distort the time or create real chaos in the picture.

Files are compatible with Premiere Pro CS6 and Creative Cloud. You cannot use presets on the adjustment layer. Please use presets directly on your clip. All effects are licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.


Ink Drops: Ink Splash effect for After Effects

Ink Drops

Download free ink splashes and use them in any project. The download page provides information on how to add an ink effect to your After Effects project. Change the color of the cloud of ink, control the speed of the droplets, add a Gaussian blur to get a unique and creative scene.

The free effect runs under standard Rocketstock license. You can also buy the full range of ink transitions from the Sumi package.


Texture Pack: 50 Distressed Textures For Graphic Designers

Texture Pack

This is a pack of distressed textures that will give a tactile feel to your flat paintings. Add a worn, washed look to your animation. Make photos and clips vintage faded. Or try creating a video clip in a defiant Grunge style.

Textures are available as flat jpg and transparent png. All effects were scanned with a resolution of 4680 x 6000 pixels. The download page provides a detailed guide to applying textures in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. But you can overlay texture data on the video as well. By downloading the free texture pack, you agree not to resell or distribute these assets.


Tutorial: How to Create a DataMoshing Effect


Datamosh is a technique for damaging video clips to create a glitch effect in which frames from different moments of a clip are partially displayed on a single frame. This is a distortion, deletion or replacement of I-frames, as a result of which P-frames are not correctly displayed in the main picture. The effect looks like a failed transition between different scenes.

You can’t use the ready-made preset, since the technology for creating the effect is more complicated. However, you can use the effects of glitches as a basis for the transition. This tutorial will show you how to create a DataMoshing effect in After Effects and Premiere Pro using different methods.

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