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As never before, technology has allowed us to have access to a world of multiple contents. With this liberalization of knowledge, anyone in any part of the world can access and share material of interest. You only need an internet connection. Until recently it was difficult to get good titles of books in Spanish, but with the massification of libraries and specialized portals, these are increasingly accessible.

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson
Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"

Downloading free Nook eBooks can be completely legal if you know where to look, and of course there are no shortages of resources. Today we present you no less than 10 pages from where you can download books in English for free and free of charge. To avoid confusion, first we will explain how free Nook books differ from those that are free of rights. Both will cost you the same: zero, but for very different reasons.

Free Books is not Free?

I want to differentiate that it is a free book of rights and a free book, since in many pages you will hear this term of free book of rights.

What is a free book? Free books are free, but not all free books are royalty free. A book free of rights that has no legal restriction on its right to use, redistribution, creation of modified or derived versions. In plain terms you could say that legally you can do with this work what you want.

A free book however may have some or all rights reserved. Even if you have not paid for it, that does not mean you have the legal right to modify or distribute it. Some book sale sites like Amazon offer free payment books as temporary promotions.

Before we start. Do you like Kindle reader instead? Here how you can download Free Kindle Books. How about Free Kindle Romance Books? Also check Free Audio Books Resources.

1. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore in the United States, to put it in comparison with something similar in Spain; we would say it is the Casa Del Libro in Spanish. It offers a wide selection of titles for 0 euros … the “only” (I only say quotes because I have not dialed) that surely the downloads are only available to the owners of the Nook reading device.

Nook Books are also available through the Nook app available for android, iOS, PC and Mac.

There are more than one million free Nook books here for children and adults. You can browse the free books by browsing the categories / themes, such as Nature, Biography, Poetry, Romance and Fiction, or by looking at them once to find the most popular books.

2. Project Guttenberg

Project Guttenberg
Project Guttenberg

Project Guttenberg a must-see page for those looking for free Nook books with more than 56,000 titles not only in English, but in Spanish, French, Chinese and many other languages. If so much supply overwhelms you, you can visit the Top 10 of visits, where you will find classics like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or ‘Moby Dick’, to name a few. Exploring a little more, I realized that, in effect, Project Gutenberg does house more languages than English in its books.

These books are free, according to the same page, because the copyright of these books has expired in the United States, converting books into public domain.

Now, Project Gutenberg offers most of its books in TXT format, but if you want to download most of these in other formats (PDF, Plucker,) to transfer them directly to a PDA, visits manybooks.

This website has one of the largest collections of electronic Nook books that exist. It was founded by Michael Hart in 1971 and became the first source of electronic books known. The texts found on the site are public domain in the United States, and to date there are more than 42 thousand eBooks in different formats available for download or read online, and all in English.

3. ManyBooks


Manybooks has effectively many Nook books, 33,000 to be exact. They are classified by author, genre and title but you can also check the list of popular titles where there is no shortage of the English versions of ‘The Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin or ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu.

The categories help you find electronic Nook books in the genres of Occultism, Cooking, Art, Music, Theater, Newspapers, Business, Computers, War, Gothic, Health, Young Readers, Satire, Psychology and Espionage, among many others.

4. Wikisource


It is a Wikimedia project, as is Wikipedia. The intention of the site is to create an online library of original texts that are under public domain or that have been published under GFDL or CC-BY-SA 3.0 licenses. The books can be read directly by page from the web, or be downloaded as PDF. They also link to the initial origin of the book, from where there may be more formats for download.

It is available in almost every language in the world, but just like its big brother, Wikipedia, it can be fed by anyone who wants it. It has stories, didactic books, epic stories, novels, theater and essays. The copies are by author name, by country or by subject.

5. Open Library

Open Library
Open Library

This is a project of the non-profit organization Internet Archive, whose ambitious goal is to have a web page for each book that has been published. The Open Library is, obviously, an open project; the software is free, the data is public and the documentation is public and open. You can download copies in different electronic formats or loan them from the library, with a virtual card.

The only problem with this site is that the available Nook books are mostly in English, but those who are fluent in Shakespeare’s language will find books of all genres, as well as blogs. There are very few books in other languages.

6. Sifter Freebook

Sifter Freebook
Sifter Freebook

It allows searching in a simple way all the free Nook books that are available at Barnes & Noble, filtered by language, categories and even the rating of the user reviews. It is much more convenient for the search than the previous option.

7.  Google Books

Google Free Nook Books
Google Free Nook Books

One of the most powerful on the internet also has a service of free Nook books online. We refer to Google. This huge library makes available an extensive number of copies of different categories, many of which are available in English. If there is an edition of a text in electronic format and it is also free, it is surely obtained in this page. Google Books The system of this site is the simplest; only access to your domain, the required title is placed and ready.

8. 24symbols


24symbols is a platform that allows you to read electronic Nook books from the cloud without the need for downloads or format incompatibility. Currently have a catalog of 15,000 titles (it is clear that not all free, but a large part) and that the least of the problems is that they include advertising in the free readings. As in other platforms, it asks you to sign up to access reading.

9. Ablik


Ablik is a free platform for reading and publishing Nook eBooks. It contains classic works free of copyright, as well as original creations, in various languages, that can be read online on any device as if they were books, page by page, or downloaded in formats for readers like ePub or Pdf. (Users who decide to register can also create their library and save books in it). Ablik is also a self-publishing platform where writers can post and share their creations, and take advantage of various editing tools.

10. Freebooksy


Like Barnes & Noble, other websites like Amazon offer books for free for a limited time. The problem is to find out about the offer on time, and that is where pages such as Freebooksy come in and others that we will see below, that track the web in search of free books.

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Аватар пользователя Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson

Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"

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