21+ Free Kindle Romance Books Resources


One of the easiest kinds of free kindle books is the romance category. Many of the romance reading material fans haven’t spent a dime in buying any of the titles offered by kindle in years.

The existence of free Kindle romance books on the web is limitless, so deciding for one particular title is going to be a tough decision to make which one to read first and which next. Fortunately, it is a good deal that they are available for free, and the idea of downloading all of them doesn’t sound a crazy one after all.

Even tough, the Romance category is subdivided into the Fantasy
ParanormalHolidays kinds, etc… making the decision easier when you narrow it to one of them and find the sort of material you would like to read.

You can ample the search of free books and other material related to reading by checking most of the titles Internet offer for free audio books and free nook books.

Meanwhile, check the following list to start enjoying a good romance story.

But, it is important to remind you that some of the Romance titles are offered for free for a limited time. Please, assure that the title you want to download and enjoy is still available into the free category; thus, you can avoid any charge to get the material.

1. Free Romance EBooks at Amazon

Photo by Pete Bellis
Photo by Pete Bellis

A great deal of the pages enumerated in this list will refer to Amazon to obtain any Kindle books, so visiting Amazon will be the very first choice you take in order to get a romance title. The titles in this list reach the amount of 100 free romance books on this site; a list that varies every hour of a day.

Amazon divided the category is several subgroups such as Clean & Wholesome, Gothic, Holidays, LGBT, Series, Mystery & Suspense, Romantic Comedy, and Historical Romance. So choices are unlimited from this website.

Furthermore, this romance titles can be also available in the site’s Linited-Time Offers on the Kindle store, where titles are classified by popularity, publication date, and star rating to make the decision a simpler one.

2. OverDrive


A selection of romance Kindle titles can be available by using OverDrive. With at least thousands of contributing libraries, you can borrow romance Kindle books just like you do when checking out a regular title.

As actual libraries do with their book lending service, OverDrive will remove the book from your Kindle after a few weeks. It is advisable that you dedicate enough time to read it before it will be removed from your device or app.

To be familiarize with the functions and working system of OverDrive, check on Amazon’s customer service section in order to get more information on how to borrow Kindle books from a public library.

3. eReaderIQ


It couldn’t be easier to get access to free romance titles as you use eReaderIQ. With a great deal of classification and filters options, it is an easy task to find the book you desire.

All the results are displayed in a single page including the rating, description, author, number of Amazon reviews, and number of pages. Using filters such as book length, best rating, and most reviewed are another way to simplify the search of the title of your preference.

Besides that, titles can be found by nailing to one of the 12 categories provided by eReaderIQ, which are Humor & Entertainment, Biographies & Memoirs, Family Life, Time Travel, Political, Inspirational, Nonfiction, and Contemporary.

4. Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink
Pixel of Ink

Updated every single day, Pixel of Ink adds more and more titles to its 10 offered genres, providing buyers more free and discounted eBooks. And for romance fans, almost every single time a new romance Kindle book is provided for free on this site.

Each book at Pixel of Ink is shown with basic details about it, like a brief description of the plot, a picture of the book cover, the author’s name and the direct link to get it through Amazon.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to find new titles every single day, please be sure to register for Pixel of Ink’s free email subscription and verify the titles it is given by checking the Facebook and Twitter pages of the site.



With a very amiable navigation system, offers a big deal of romance eBooks in its titles. If you find a book that attracts you, select it on the site and it will give you a brief description of the material as well as a link to download it from Amazon.

The page also give the chance to keep informed of the new free romance releases by following it through its social media. Furthermore, a free email service is provided for those who register in the site.

6. FreeBooksy


FreeBooksy provides a truly nice collection of free romance Kindle books which are not limited only to Kindle, but also available for other devices working with the Apple operative system or those using Nook for downloading eBooks.

The site gives a number of options to those who signed up with it, such as an email update for every time a new title is added in the romance (or any other) genre with the possibility of receiving them on a daily or weekly basis. It also provides with the choice of assigning the type of device you are going to read the book on, so the given links will be associated directly with Kindle, Nook, or any other device you put in your preferences.

Information is provided for each title before you take the decision of downloading it.

7. ManyBooks


With a list of titles surpassing the thousand books, gives people the chance to get an eBook by using filters such as title, subtitle, author, and language.

At the moment of selecting a title in this site, all details will be displayed including numbers of download, word count, publish date, reviews, summary, and also an excerpt from the book will also be provided.

The free eBooks are available in all the formats supported by Kindle (AZW, PDF, MOBI, RTF, EPUB). Furthermore, an RSS feed is provided for those who wants to get informed about romance eBooks and their new releases, as well as it is done with all the rest of the genres.

8. Freebook Sifter

Freebook Sifter
Freebook Sifter

Thousands of romance titles can be found at Freebook Sifter taken from different sites such as Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and others.

If you are interested in getting updates from the site, an email will be sent daily to provide with the new titles added to the page and it also gives you the opportunity of browsing the site in order to search books by their titles or genres.

On this page, the romance category is subdivided into Romantic Fiction Themes, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Historical Romance.

9. DailyCheapReads

Daily Cheap Reads
Daily Cheap Reads

The site offers mostly heavily discounted eBooks in many different categories, but it also has a section of free Kindle books.

The free books are categorized in the same place with no distinction of genre, so finding a romance book is not as easy as other pages mentioned above. Although, there is a dedicated section for romance books, but most of them are not free – some can be bought at a discount price.

10. The eReader Cafe

The eReader Cafe
The eReader Cafe

Another site you can pay a visit to find several titles in different genres, including the romance one.

Every single romance eBook find within the limits of the site will take directly to Amazon’s download page so any information of your interest will be found about them, including reviews from users and a description of the title.

As the other pages providing this service, the eReader Cafe has a very friendly registration system and includes an email subscription that provides daily updates of the titles it offers. You can also follow it by signing up in its social media pages.


Categorized by newest, rating, most popular, and alphabetical, offers dozens of free romance eBooks for all people who access its site.

Furthermore, as you move your mouse around the title a synopsis will appear avoiding this way to go to the download page for further information. Data about how many people have viewed that particular title and when it was first published will be also provided by the site.

It is necessary to create an account, which is totally free, to download eBooks in formats such as PDF and, sometimes, TXT.

12. Shelfbuzz


Another place you can find free romance books is Shelfbuzz. The site will provide every title with a link that will send you to the download page of that particular book.

Another advantage of this site is the fact that, at the bottom of each post, it has a master link that will send you to the entire books feature on the day, which takes you to Amazon and it enumerates every free book on a single and very simple page. And by doing this, it gives an easier way to download all the books you desire.

13. DigiLibraries


Including in the list of books it offers, DigiLibraries has more than 450 free romance Kindle books in the Fiction Romance category, and you don’t need a user account to get them all.

A description of the book can be clearly seen as well as the author and a cover of the book as you are navigating on the site. Clicking on any of the titles in the list will give the chance to read other people’s comments and leave your own ones.

Several formats, such as PDF, MOBI, and EPUB are available for most of the free romance books that can be found here.

14. BookBub


This website has dedicated its service to offer free eBooks in several different genres, which can be downloaded from a variety of other pages such as Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo.

BookBub has categorized the free romance genre into sections such Dark Romance & Erotica, New Adult Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance, American Historical Romance, and College Romance.

Every book’s profile page is provided with a summary of the plot as well as fully book description. Additionally, it includes an expiration date on the free category and social buttons in order to share eBooks through social media like Twitter or Facebook.

15. Booktastik


Bookstatik closes this list with the security of finding several books as well as their reviews and ratings. Free romance Kindle books are not an exception and can be found on the page.

Although, Romance books are included in the list of titles suggested by the site, finding them is a little bit tough since this titles share their space with other cheap and discounted books as well.

The site has a free section too; even tough, the category is dedicated to all free Kindle books and it is not divided into categories; so you have to scroll through the site to find titles belonging to the Romantic genre.

Most of the links will send you to Amazon, but others will take you to iTunes, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

16. eBookDaily


Another great site to find romance eBooks is eBookDaily, where the titles you are going to find last only for a single day on the site.

It is a very friendly and easy to use website; you just have to scroll down page with free books until you get to the Romance section and you will have clear information whether the book you want is still free or not. There is a download button on the page that will send you directly to the Amazon website and download the title you selected. If you move the mouse over the Kindle books, you can see its description. Another feature of the site is the showing of the star rating system and the reviews made to the book by Amazon’s users.

To check Kindle books that already expired from the free category, it is necessary to subscribe to the site; by doing this, you are going to start to receive a daily email with all the information of romance books or any other genre you have chosen. Each email will provide you the information of 3 eBooks (Romance or any other category) and all the data you require to get the reading material of your preference.

17. Free Kindle Books and Tips

Free Kindle Books & Tips
Free Kindle Books & Tips

As it is indicated by its name, you can find a lot of information about all new books to be read in the Kindle device in several genres that include romance eBooks. The material can be obtained free or with discounted price and a brief description of the material can be read in the website. To download the material, the page will send you directly to Amazon by clicking on a link given by it.

Since the free books are for limited time, it is advisable to sign up to the free email service, so you can get updated information about the newest releases and the time the offer will be over as well as checking all the social media accounts the page has.

18. Free Ebooks Daily

Free Ebooks Daily
Free Ebooks Daily

Another page that offers new free and discounted eBooks every single day, Free Ebooks daily provides another option to get romance Kindle books for free.

A great disadvantage from the site is that free romance Kindle books appear along with other book categories, but it is easy to detect the free ones since a price is attached to the book profile.

A description of the book is provided by the site together with the links that take you to the download page.

Every single day an amount of 5 to 10 books are added to the page not only in the romance category, but also in the mystery/thriller and sci-fi/fantasy genres.

To receive information about new books from the site, you can register and start receiving a daily email message and thus you can get new Kindle books through it.

19. Centsless Books

Centsless Books
Centsless Books

As it name states, this site will provide you with information about romance Kindle books that cost less than a cent.

The website offers completely free eBooks from the most popular titles you can find on any Internet page, and it has a hour update system.

Furthermore, the page offers you a searcher that will provide with direct links to the download pages for the eBooks and it also has an email subscription system to get updates on a daily basis.

20. Romance eBook Deals

Romance eBook Deals
Romance eBook Deals

Similar to the previous page, this site will send all the needed information about free and bargain romance; but instead of a weekly basis from the previous site, the data is going to be delivered every single day.

The information will comprise a description of the book, the expiration time of the bargain, and a direct link to Amazon in order to download the book.

Now, if you don’t want to get this information by your e-mail, you can follow the social media pages of the site in Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, where the same content of the email is also provided.

21. RomanceDeals


Register in RomanceDeals if you want to get free and discounted romance Kindle books directly to your email inbox. You are going to receive at least a weekly mail with all the necessary update in the field of romance books. They are going to provide an image of the eBook, a description of it, as well as the expiration date of the deal and a direct link to the site the offer is taking effect whether Amazon or Barnes & Nobles among others.

You can follow RomanceDeals on its social media pages like Twitter or Facebook if you want to get more details about the free and/or discounted books.

22. PixelScroll


Many different genres can be found at PixelScroll, and romance books are not an exception for this site. This genre is sectioned into some subgenres like Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, and Paranormal Romance. At every subgenre, the page will provide each one of the titles with a description, image, and a direct link to Amazon’s site to download the free eBook.

To keep updated with the romance Kindle books, as well as the other genres, the site offers an email subscription service and you can also check in the social media pages for the same kind of information.

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