25+ Best Explainer Video Production Services


Choosing professional candidates who create videos for different purposes (like promotional, informational and entertainment video), is quite time-consuming process. Freelancer or explainer video studio is an open question, since a professional in this business can work both for himself and for the studio. Internet surfing will “bear fruit” if you have clearly formulated requirements for the candidate and when budget is calculated.

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Well, and if you do not have anybody who is your ideal candidate, we selected a list of candidates which you can’t miss. But, first you will get acquainted with the minimal basis of information that will help you make the right choice. Let’s take a look.

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Learning the basics for choosing the best explainer video service

Video content seems to have moved the photo from the pedestal and made a real revolution on the Internet. Among the many alternatives you can choose, the explaining videos have really good advantages: they are one of the most attractive, attractive, fun and also educational! No photo will give as much useful information as, for example, a 30 second video about the company, a product or self-brand.

Doodle style of Explainer Videos

If you want to create one of these videos to enhance your marketing strategy, at first you need to choose a really good explainer video production that can meet all your requirements. In principle, one that works with high quality and can provide excellent results for a good price.

You know that many different factors are important while you decide. Choosing the best explainer video company is really hard. You can base your choice on the experience, quality of result, communication skills, execution, internal processes, total price and many other factors. But we recommend you consider these 5 important elements before choosing the right one:

  • quality of work: check out with which instruments the company usually works, if you appreciate their portfolio and if they can meet your brand’s needs;
  • communication: a good creator has to be able to setup a polite and qualified communication flow and keep it all the way through;
  • customization: a custom explainer video should differ from basic template video, look carefully through the company or freelancer portfolio. Keep it in mind;
  • feedback: take a careful look through the reviews, comments and general feedback that other clients have made for that company. This component will be extremely useful for making final decision (feedback is really important because it’s others talking about the brand, not the brand bragging about itself);
  • price: you often can find cheaper companies or some that are more expensive. Of course, your choice will depend on your budget, but you should remember that cheaper companies may work with template videos.

Ordering services from explainer video studio service package usually includes: general design, musical accompaniment, mention of the company logo or your logo, free removal of inappropriate items in your opinion etc. Make a note, that selected candidates use Fiverr – an online platform to offer their service and to show a portfolio of projects.

This platform has several serious advantages:

Studios and freelancers will get your money only after finished the project (prepaid money stills ‘frozen’ at the service bill);

ProFounder Team

If selected studio or freelancer didn’t finish your project in time and you don’t want to give additional time for finishing the project, you can always take your money back.

ProFounder Team

Best explainer video services and freelancers


Motiongrapherr reel

This studio is a small team of animators-creators, motion designers and Illustrators from Armenia.

Guys offer you full custom animated explainer videos from idea to final video also with sound details. Studio believes that their creations will help a variety of customers understand all business from “the first picture”.

No templates and no similarity in their works and this makes each project unique. They say that If you want to be noticed, you should “taste them”. Studio works with any type of company, no matter their size.

Service package includes:

  • story
  • style frames
  • illustration
  • animation
  • sound support

Delivery time and revisions

Company provides 29 days delivery for each package of service also faster execution may be discussed. If needed, talented professional gives 3-4 revisions following each component.

Price Tag:

Animated explainer video pricing: “basic” package includes simple 60 sec explainer video without characters and background, it costs $900.

Unique 60 sec “standard” explainer video includes characters and imaginary will cost $1,400.

Finally, high-end animated 90 sec explainer video within “premium” package will cost $2,000.


lambdafilms reel

This professional animation studio based in the UK and specialize in design-led animations, excellent artwork and creative creative creative for businesses, products and brands. Guys promise to fully guide their costumers at pre-production process which includes scrip-writing, design, style-frames and storyboards. This studio needs 4 weeks to create a first draft of video.

To become a costumer of this company only brief is needed. Team of professionals always ready to start all kind of projects with a propose of the best approach and style.

The names of clients of this studio loudly talk about the experience: HSBC, Mini BMW, eBay, Barclays, Nike, Sailor Jerry and more others.

Service package includes:

  • logo
  • background
  • musical accompaniment
  • full HD (1080p)
  • original script
  • 30/60/90 seconds running time
  • voice over recording

Delivery time and revisions

Studio provides 29 days delivery and 2 revisions.


design-led brand animation (30s) for $6,500, 100% originally-designed elements and animation.

design-led brand animation (60s) for $8,000, 100% originally-designed elements and animation.

design-led brand animation (90s) for $10,000, 100% originally-designed elements and animation.

BluBlu Studios

BluBlu Studios reel

BluBlu Studios is a Warsaw/Tokyo based company specializes on creating complex animated videos, cartoons, explainer videos and different illustrations. This professional studio from Poland has a deal with a lot of companies, agencies, publishers and production studios all over the world.

All their service packages guarantee a high quality, 60-90 sec video. The budget of animated explainer video service may differ depending on the style, duration of the video and nicety of the storyline.

Service package includes:

  • problems discussion, finding solutions and aspects that the viewer must remember after watching the video
  • voice-over development
  • creation of moodboard
  • storyboarding
  • creation of illustrations
  • music and voice recording
  • animation
  • video postproduction and design of the sound

Delivery time and revisions

Guys promise takes 6-8 weeks of production process. And they say that their production team schedules always assume revisions on all elements included to the service package. The number of revisions is 6.


start at $4,800, High-end Animated Explainer Video (Styleframes, Illustrations, Animation & Sound Design).


Arikboas reel

This guy from Israel creates fresh and nutty 2D animation that has a highest professional standard. Experienced freelancer provides modern 100% original and hand-crafted animation. Animated explainer video creator customizes all specific needs of his costumers.

By the way, he offers 20+ years of experience in 2D animation sphere and use of frame-by-frame techniques. Professional says that you will in 100 per cent enjoy the service, creative dialogue and easiness in communication. Original concepts, fantastic visuals and hearty animation will engage a high-quality audience.

Service package includes:

  • finding of the concept of development and scriptwriting
  • creating visual details and design
  • animation
  • complementary motion graphics and visual effects
  • music design
  • 1080p HD

Delivery time and revisions

Average delivery time – 25 days.


“Short n’ sweet” basic package – $5,000
Original and short animated (up to 30 sec) video like a TV spot. Includes 2 revisions

Optimum length standard package $7,500, 1:00-1:30 min. Includes unlimited revisions.

Extended play premium package – $9,500, Extra gamut and further details. Includes unlimited revisions.


Sales3591 video examples

This Armenian studio consist of experienced animators and illustrators whose job is to turn ideas into unique and distinctive video like a full story of motion graphics, animated whiteboards, explainers or commercials.

Guys goal is to tell the stories which will amaze audience, stories that will engage people, stories that make people forget they’re watching a video. This studio is extremely more than just an average explainer video production. Creators do all from “0 to hero” to engage clients into the world of costumer’s brand.

Service package includes:

  • Brand analyzes and finding the best solutions.
  • Finding right voice over script which is based on client needs and video length.
  • After finishing a part of scripwriting, studio team will start process of hand drowning sketches. After guys will start to create colored storyboards.
  • Next step is to turn drawings into form of contemporary art that will amaze clients and finally bring them more leads and sales.
  • After animation stage sound engineers start to create music and sound design. Studio team offers licensed music and for advanced videos offers custom composing.
  • Final stage calls delivery stage. From the delivery time client can start using animated explainer video in their marketing campaigns.

Delivery time:

Time of delivery – 29 days.

Plans and Pricing:

A package of our service includes all stages of creating video and 3 revisions for $3,300.

Additional details cost:

  • one additional revision – $100
  • one script (original script for your video based on individual needs) – $150


Toongoose Portfolio

This is a great company of animators, scriptwriters, designers and creative programmers from Russia. They can create modern motion graphics video catered to all client’s needs. Guys from this studio pay careful attention to each level of production.

Be sure, that they will create a unique studio explainer video for all companies using rich 2D graphics, character animation and in needed 3D graphics. Animated explainer video creators and copywriters from this studio always ready to write a new one a script with a storyboard in individual manner. That dudes puts control of all stages of production and share this information with clients.

These guys have a futuristic feel and works perfectly for IT companies and hi-tech products.

Service package includes:

  • logo
  • background
  • background music design
  • full HD (1080p)
  • 60/90/120 seconds running time
  • voice over recording

Delivery time and revisions:

Explain fast basic (60 sec.) package costs $5,195, it includes 1 revision and 14-days delivery. Perfect for short ideas, good for website intro.

Optimal medium basic (90 sec.) package costs $7,495, it includes 2 revisions and 21-day delivery. Short enough to draw attention.

In-depth explainer premium (120 sec) package costs $9,560, it includes 2 revisions and 24 days delivery. 2 minutes video is great for company presentation, when animation is best decision for describing complex ideas which can help to dive in business world.


Studiopoink demo reel

This is a young brand and 2D animation studio from Israel with unstoppable energy in searching new creative points! Guys was established with the vision of producing creative, high-quality products, inspired by deeply individual styles.

Team of perfect creators always achieve the most impressive and memorable results for each project. Among their works clients can find infographic videos, promotional and corporate videos, informative video clips, music clips, animated series and commercials offer videos. Their portfolio is here.

Service package includes:

  • info-graphic based creation without characters video
  • characters based or detailed animation video
  • high end animation with different shots and characters

Studio notices that when client didn’t find a package that is specifically catered his needs, he/she/they can always contact a team for a customized offer.

Delivery time and revisions:

Basic for $4,500 – info-graphic based design without characters video, 29 days delivery and 1 revision.

Standard for $6,500 – characters based and detailed video, 29 days delivery and 2 revisions.

Premium for $9,500 – high end animation with multiple shots and characters, 29 days delivery and 2 revisions.


jeva animation reel

Here is a creative person, a graphic artist, animator, illustrator, director with more than 25 years of experience and a couple of his talented friends united in one team based in Hungary. This team is always looking out for new challenges, giving inspiration to each other and creating fun projects.

All packages of product will include a high quality 30-60 sec animated video. The budget for production may differ depending on the approved style of the graphics, duration of the video, depth of the script. An average production time takes dudes to work around 4 to 8 weeks.

Service package includes:

  • little discussion of the goal of the animated explainer.
  • visual script development based on the voiceover provided
  • visual development
  • storyboarding
  • animatics
  • ceating all the graphics details
  • animation
  • post production and sound design (if needed)

Delivery time and revisions:

Basic line costs $2,500 and is acceptable for short ideas, animated parts in a longer live action video with 20 days delivery and 1 revision.

Standard line costs $3,500 and is acceptable for long enough videos but not too long to lose interest to the product or company at all. Production time takes professionals to work for 29 days and 2 revisions included.

Premium line costs $5,000. Guys provide it when more complicated and complex stories are needed to be told. It includes 2 revisions and takes guys 29 days of production.


Ewelina Fiedler motion graphic reel

This is an explainer video specialist from Poland. Qualified girl provides handcrafted explainer videos inspired by the new trends and modern illustration. No templates work used. Professional creator customize animation to match the line of the remarkable parts of business.

She definitely creates beautiful corporate explainer videos. She does not create cartoon animations. This girl is a specialist in combining 2D animation with stock footage.

Service package includes:

  • scriptwriting (provided by a native English-speaking scriptwriter)
  • storyboard
  • voice recording (done by a professional voice talent speaker)
  • style frames
  • general design
  • animation
  • sound fx and music

Delivery time and revisions:

This creative girl offers 3 different packages: basic for $2,600 (60 sec), standard for $ 3,200 (90 sec) and premium for $3,700 (120 sec).

Each of these packages has a different delivery date:

• 4/5 weeks for 60-second video;
• 5/6 weeks for 90-second video;
• 6/7 weeks -for 120-second video.

And, in the end, a tasty bonus for the clients – packages include unlimited revisions.



Freelance motion designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina! This dude will use different animations to make it appealing for different audience. He uses motion graphics – a powerful tool to capture the attention of all potential clients. His motion video in 100 per cent will explain the product or service, or company, also it will fully explain how it works and why is it such a unique.

By giving the unique details, all viewers will easily understand and of course will engage with the product or service. Motion designer always try to make product in video desirable, more professional and increase overall impression.

Nowadays the market is overcrowded of video makers with different tastes, views and prices. Choosing him, clients can be sure in powerful result.

Service package includes:

  • product video
  • promote product with a help of animation video
  • 60 seconds running time
  • full HD (1080p)
  • background music
  • background pictures
  • logo


1 video costs $960

Delivery time and revisions:

29 days delivery and 3 revisions included in his service package
1 additional revision – $70
1 3d animation – $500
1 additional 10 sec video – $200
project files – $250

Kasra Design

Kasra Design reel

Kasra Design is an animation bar and video production studio specializing in the production of explainer videos, corporate commercials and motion graphics based in Malaysia.

Professional guys from this studio have created a niche in producing 2D and 3D animation for the corporate and business sphere. They provide a full range of services include, creating animation, product and educational animation, motion graphics, TV commercials and business introductions etc. Here is more information about studio.

Service package includes:

Guys provide these standard stages in every package you order:

  • Searching and research
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voiceover selection and recording
  • Storyboard (sketch)
  • Illustration
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Music (at premium stock)


Starter Package for $3,500
They will provide a message with an ordinary but effective video. Includes: simple graphics, icons and text. 20 days delivery, 2 revisions, 45 sec video, up to 115 words

Gold Package for $5,500
Unique of prominent illustrations, adding character animation and motions. 29 days delivery, 2 revisions, 60 sec video, up to 160 words

Viral Package for $8,000
Includes detailed illustration and characters, also provides motion graphics, 2,5D depth animation and transitions. 29 days delivery, 3 revisions, 60 sec video, up to 245 words


Lemon Digital Animated Video Portfolio

Take a look at Lemon Digital animation. These guys know how to turn an idea into high-quality animated video. They did excellent video product for such companies as Google, Cisco, T-Mobile, AppsFlyer and other big and small brands. Studio has offices in Seattle, WA and in Minsk, Belarus but we successfully work with clients all over the world.

Service package includes:

Their workflow is convenient for anyone. The basic process includes several stages:

1) scrip-writing
2) sketches creating (to show client a composition of the scenes)
3) storyboard (illustrations how they will look like in the final video)
4) sound design (music + voiceover)
5) animation
6) final delivery

Animated explainer video pricing and time of production:

Level 1 $2,500: logo, Full HD (1080p), 60 seconds running time.
Includes basic infographics and no characters.
29 days delivery, 3 revisions

Level 2 $3,900: logo, Full HD (1080p), 60 seconds running time.
Includes standard animation with characters.
29 days delivery, 3 revisions

Level 3 $5,900: logo, Full HD (1080p), 60 seconds running time.
Includes premium animation with frame by frame and 3D elements.
29 days delivery, 3 revisions


Igloo Studio Animated Video Example

Igloo is a creative driven animation boutique from Israel specializing in creating explainer videos. The main advantage of these guys is that they can develop any ideas, write content, illustrate, animate and produce such kind of videos that will make clients fall in love with what they offered them.

Service package includes:

Their workflow consists of the next stages which are included in all service packages:

  • learning product, business, target audience, purifying the main messages that need to be passed
  • searching for the idea
  • professional scriptwriting (included in standard and premium plan)
  • story boarding (included in basic plan)
  • creating sample frame designs
  • voice over recoding
  • producing high quality animation
  • post production and sound design

Motion Graphic Price:

Basic: short and cool $2,900
This plan provides high-quality animation video based on client’s script
21 days delivery, 1 revision
30 seconds running time

Standard: provides 60 seconds story $5,200
This plan provides high-quality animation video with all stages of production
29 days delivery, 2 revisions
60 Seconds running time

Premium: the whole package $7,500
This plan provides high-quality animation video including all stages of production
29 Days delivery, 2 revisions
90 Seconds running time


Another toongoose video example

About these guys we wrote above, but they have another gig for us… These guys in 100% will create a brilliant looking studio-grade explainer video in their unique style without using any template.

Studio offers:

Short and hot – $4,500:
– background music
– 30 seconds running time
– voice over recording
Acceptable for advertising in social networks. Nice idea and brilliant execution – just like a TV commercial.
14 days delivery, 1 revision

Perfect explainer – $8,900
– background music
– 90 seconds running time
– voice over recording
The perfect duration for an explainer video. Enough time to use good animation and gives info on product.
23 days delivery, 2 revisions

A little story – $6,750
– background music
– 60 seconds running Time
– voice over recording
Straight to the point with good visual and striking script. Keeps the viewer focused.
17 days delivery, 2 revisions


Mezzo Animation Studio Reel

Mezzo is a modern studio based in Portugal that produces very good looking and super smart animated explainer videos. It’s not a joke, but their clients are Allianz, Arch Daily, Duke University, L’Oréal and even Cristiano Ronaldo. They provide a unique explainer video that will amaze all potential clients. Here is more examples of the studios projects.

Service package includes:

Guys divide their production process into 5 steps:

1 – Strategy and Script
Experienced strategist asking questions to know more about their client, copywriters start to work on creating the script.

2 – Storyboard and Styleframes
Production of storyboard and styleframes stage, on that step client can approve the style and scenes of the animation.

3 – Illustration
This step illustrate all the scenes in the storyboard with the approved style.

4 – Animation
All the fancy illustrations will be brought to life with the help of the power of animation.

5 – Sound Design
Sound effects will be added that way to make the sound match the vision.

Explainer Video Pricing:

Style A – simple $5,000
An explainer 45 sec video with this style of illustration
29 days delivery, 3 revisions

Style B – complex $6,000
An explainer 60 sec video with this style of illustration
29 days delivery, 6 revisions

Style C – awesome $7,500
An explainer 60 sec video with this style of illustration
29 days delivery, 6 revisions


Cristina Postica Motion Design Reel

This is company is a studio of highly professional people – a rare mix of creativity, marketing vision and excellent experience. This company bases in USA. Here is some part of guys work.

Professional team believes that their video is an excellent tool for making an impression about business or product. They also notice that once use this tool, every company can rise high.

Guys says that custom motion design videos still the best way to represent a company or a product in short time but with 100% being noticed.

Service package includes:

  • searching for a concept
  • scriptwriting
  • voice over
  • storyboarding
  • background music
  • creating imagery
  • logo

Motion Design Price:

30 seconds story – $2,000
30 sec high quality 2D video (no characters or 3D).
29 days delivery, 1 revision

60 seconds story – $4,000
60 sec high quality 2D video (no characters or 3D).
29 days delivery, 2 revisions

90 seconds story – $6,000
90 sec high quality 2D video (no characters or 3D).
29 days delivery, 3 revisions

More from Cristina Postica

Cristina Postica Motion Graphic Demo Reel

She is an explainer video creator from Brazilero Animation Studio based in United States, her goal is to help people in creating best video tutorial!

Studio where she works create tutorial videos using screencast and 2D animation. Tutorial videos are instructional videos that teach viewers the most convenient way to use the product or service of the client. For a website or application, such videos usually involve a screencast and step-by-step directions on how to perform certain functions within your user interface.

Service package includes:

A basic video will include:

  • 60 seconds of screen recording
  • up to 175 words voice over
  • custom design and 2D animation
  • full HD output

Explainer video delivery time and revisions:

60 sec animated tutorial video – $1,500
60 seconds tutorial video the website, application, service.
29 days delivery, 1 revision

90 sec animated tutorial video – $2,250
90 seconds tutorial video for the website, application, service.
29 days delivery, 1 revision

120 sec animated tutorial video – $3,000
120 seconds tutorial video for the website, application, service.
29 days delivery, 1 revision


Yans Media Portfolio Reel

This is a company which specializes in designing animation and creating custom-made videos for business and agencies. These guys, with a help of their video, make a strong connection between company and customers. Studio based in Armenia.

Service package includes:

Brief and Concept
Company trying to understand company culture and its goals and put together a creative direction and concept.

Guys will create a script based on collected information.

Team will sketch out a storyboard that shows how the script will play out.

Professionals will fill up video with full-color visual effects, will give you a great idea of what the finished video will look like. Depending on video it may include text, characters, backgrounds, icons and more other details.

Client can choose professional from hand-picked group of male and female voice artists for accurate message sending.

Brand’s assets, awesome illustrations and will move on to putting words into action.

Sound Design
Guys will find a perfect song for each video and add in sound effects for the finishing touch.

And after all these steps video will be ready to be shared with all world.

Animated Video Price:

STANDARD – $1,950
Best for Start Up, SME, to present a product. Video 60 sec.21 days delivery, 2 revisions

PRO – $3,500
Best for big and small companies. Video 60 sec.
29 days delivery, 6 revisions

PREMIUM 3D – $4,500
Full package 60 sec video.
29 days delivery


Armin Beciragic

Here is a motion designer with over 10 years of experience in animation and post production. This guy specialized in telling the stories through the use of motion graphics, live-action, animation and visual effects. He is from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Service package includes:

This dude can create an appealing video that can explain service/product/business does, how it really works and why is it so special.

Also, he guarantees high quality and polished animations. In the end of his creative process freelancer will give you a higher value – certainly in the eyes of your audience.

Packages of service and animated explainer video cost:

Short Video – $550
20 seconds of custom animation
21 days delivery, 2 revisions

Medium Video – $950
40 seconds of custom animation
25 days delivery, 3 revisions

Long Video – $1,200
60 seconds of custom animation
29 days delivery, 3 revisions

Anim Team

Anim Team Showreel

This company name is Bizon Production. It is a full-service studio with their own animators, motion graphic artists and illustrators based in Armenia. They have created a thousand of the ideal videos for the business and they always fulfill any motion graphics request.

Creative studio offers custom animated explainer videos. This team is skilled in a wide variety of motion styles and every video they create in unique style without use any templates.

Service package includes:

The basic package of service includes 30 seconds of high quality animation with imagery, sounds and the option to include company logo. Studio provides a 3-step process best video creation:

step 1: storyboarding
step 2: illustration/graphic design
step 3: animation

By the way, each step includes 2-3 revisions.

Motion Design Price:

Standard Explainer Video 40 sec$1,700
Simple and clean 2D animation
20 days delivery, 2 revisions

1-minute explainer video – $2,100
Original design with characters, animation and background images
25 days delivery, 3 revisions

1-minute explainer video – $2,500
Original design with characters, cool and smooth animation and full package of creativity
29 days delivery, 4 revisions


Eyalalter showreel

Here is a resident filmmaker at SAP, simultaneously working as a freelance director, producer, editor and one of explainer video freelancers from Israel. Among his client’s people can find such names as SAP, Deloitte, LG, P&G, Interlude (Eko Studios) Danone and this customer pool is an incredible advantage.

Service package includes:

Freelancer provides every part of the creative process, from the concept to script, illustrations, animations and sound design. His portfolio here.

Delivery time and revisions:

Product promo 120 sec video for $5,000, An animation video that introduces a product 29 days delivery, 3 revisions

2D Animation + product promo 150 sec video for $6,000, animations + product promo, 29 days delivery, 4 revisions

2D Animation 300 sec video for $7,000, 29 days delivery, 5 revisions

More Toongoose…

Toongoose Animation Video Example

This Russian company is a creative and young team of professional motion designers. They create a professional studio-grade explainer video in the outline style graphics, and it will be good presentation pitch or an upcoming ICO.

Outline style is fast to produce and looking both neat and tidy. Just what you want from an explainer video you are going to use on your awesome website, or an upcoming presentation.

About Service:

Studio offers professional explainer video in one package, but script is not included in service.

Motion design price list:

60 seconds video costs $2,150, acceptable for a website presentation.
10 days delivery, 2 revisions

90 seconds video costs $2,950
Short enough to capture attention. Long enough get to the point.
14 days delivery, 2 revisions

120 seconds video costs $3,850
2 minutes video is cool for company presentation, when animation is best for describing complex ideas.
20 days delivery, 2 revisions


iviliana examples

This studio is nutty out-of-the-box thinking team of modern video motion gurus from Bulgaria. They think that each studio worker is a bee behind the project. Just like bees, everything they do happens in-house. This team works tirelessly to make an animation just plain awesome.

Service package includes:

Dream team offers a full package of creating video with all the steps.

Motion Graphic Price:

Starter Pack – $390
30 sec of basic quality of custom animation, storyboard, voiceover, music, 23 days delivery, unlimited revisions

Budget-Friendly Pack – $500
30 sec good animation+custom designs, storyboard, voiceover and music, 29 days delivery, unlimited revisions

High-End pack – $800
30 sec of the highest quality of designs, characters and animation, music, meeting and script
29 days delivery, unlimited revisions


thisable demoreel

This company name Pavilion Creative studio and its specialization is to create animation video for a living. Studio based in Bulgaria.

Studio’s team working with big and small companies. They always know the exact trends and leads that do work best and will increase sales or increase the audience for the product or just expertly tell the story client wants to tell the world!

Service package:

1) scriptwriting
2) sketches
3) storyboard
4) sound design (music and voiceover)
5) draft animation
6) final delivery of the product

Delivery time and revisions:

Basic little one – $3,300
Basic package for budget and very simple animations and without characters, 30 sec, 29 days delivery, 1 revision

Standard for you – $5,500
Standard that will fit most of needs
60 sec, 29 days delivery, 3 revisions

Premium mega pack with characters – $8,500, With additional extras and bonuses and cool stuff awaiting! 60 sec, 29 days delivery, 3 revisions


As we can see, all the studios and freelancer offer really cool and amazing product for your business. Prices are differ and mainly they depend on the level of professionals and experience. Professional studios offer a full package of service and a wide range of video time running, on the other hand – freelancers also do so.

But how to choose the perfect one? First of all, we recommend you calculate your budget and imagine the main idea (having an idea helps you to save money for creating an image of future video). Compare freelancers and studios offers, often happens that they provide the same service but for different prices. Also take a careful look on projects made by selected candidates, choose one with the most acceptable concept for you.

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