How and Where to Download Free EBooks?


Thanks to the influence of Internet during the last decade, more people are using devices and applications that allow them to read books in virtual format, better known as eBooks. Nowadays, they are easy to find almost everywhere on the web and they cover almost every genre in the fiction and non-fiction categories. Some of them have a very high cost, others are affordable, but there are a good amount of eBooks that can be downloaded for free. So if you are an avid reader and don´t like to spend any amount of money on books, the information you are going to read next will be very useful.

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson
Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"

It could be kind of overwhelming to be able to find and download free eBooks, but following the instructions bellow it will take just a few minutes to get your first virtual book without paying a single cent. If you are searching for more ways to get free books, check here to find how to get more free books and also free audio books.

How to Download Free EBooks?

First of all, assure yourself that you have the proper device or application that allows you to read the material you are going to download. There are several devices on the web that will help to perform this activity such as an e-reader or an e-reader app.

Ebook Reader
Ebook Reader, photo by by Masaaki Komori

The most popular way to read an eBook is by using a device, and the one which are use the most by people are Kindle or Nook, but there are some applications that can allow the reading in a computer or a smartphone.

Some already installed programs in your personal computer can read eBooks, but if you want to open them in your smartphone you will need an app to perform such action. The usage of an eBook reader app in a personal computer is advisable thus the reading material will be better organized and provides an easy reading.

The following apps are preferred by most people and they are certainly included in my list of favorites, and on top of that they totally free to download them:

Kindle eReader App 

This application can be used in several smart devices using operative system from Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, PC, or Mac. One advantage provided by this program is the reading of the different formats Kindle admits and, furthermore, it will allow downloading free material from the Amazon store. But the biggest benefit of using this application in different devices is that the page you were downloading the eBooks from will be synchronized in all the gadgets with the program.

Nook eReader App

This is a free app that can be downloaded to be used in devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones; the app is also available for Windows PC (click here to download it). Once it is installed, you can start downloading Nook books and other sorts of eBooks.

Kobo Reading App

Another truly fine app that work perfectly with Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, and with a Window PC.

Apple iBooks

An really cool app that is exclusively available for iPhone, iPad, and OS X.

Where to Download Free EBooks?

When you already have the device or the application necessary to start reading books, the next step is to find the files you want to read.

To make things easier, here you have two links that will send you straight to find the free material you would like to have:

Additionally, here you have some of my preferred websites that contain a big deal of eBooks in any format you could find and they can be read by the device or application of your choice.

Project Gutenberg

With an amount of more than 50,000 free eBook titles, the site can provide with files that can be read by either Kindle and Nook devices and apps or a Personal Computer.


With more than 33,000 titles available for immediate download, this site works perfectly for any eReader devices or application installed in your personal gadget.


Go to the Free Public Domain Books or Free Original Books sections and you can find several eBooks for downloading them.


A site that offers more than 21,000 available free eBooks to download and enjoy in the app or device of your preference.


On this page, you are going to find original material that authors place here for free.


This site provides thousands of free eBooks submitted by the original authors for people interested in their creations.

All about free eBook formats

Not all files are read by all the devices or apps created to open eBooks, so be certain that the file you are downloading is going to be display by your device or app selected.

Below, we are going to provide you with a list of apps and devices and the files that can be opened in each one of them. If none of these files are the ones you have downloaded, go and check on the web which program or gadget would let you read it. However, the file extensions provided here are the most common ones and they are going to be the first choices you are getting when looking for a free eBook.


Kindle EReader App – Files that can be read using this device or application have the following extensions: .azw (for Amazon), .mobi, .pdf, .txt, and .prc.


Nook eReader App – It opens files ending in .epub, .pdf, and .png.


Sony eReader App – Files that are opened with this device and/or app includes those with extensions ending in .epub, . pdf, .png, and .txt.

Apple iBooks App

All files that end in .epub and .pdf are read by this application.

All the files you download for your Kindle app and device can be borrowed and lent among your friends and relatives. 

Download your Free EBooks

When you are in any of the free eBooks downloading pages, you will find files ending in many of the extensions shown above. Check with true care the extensions endings allowed by your device or application and select the title or titles suitable to the device or app of your preference.

Click on the download link and save the file in your own personal computer.

Open you free eBooks

Depending on how and where you are downloading the reading material, it is going to be easier or not to open it. For instance, if you download an eBook directly from Amazon for your Kindle, or one for your Nook gadget from Barnes & Noble, consequently these files are going to be put automatically placed on your device or the app in your smartphone or computer, all via the wireless connection. The link provided next will show how to transfer your free eBooks downloaded on your PC to your Kindle device.

If the file extension ends in .pdf and it is located in your computer, then you will have to installed or need a free PDF reader on you PC before trying to open and read the eBook.

To move a file from your computer to your smartphone and read the file using the app installed on it, the next step is to connect your phone to the computer using the cable connector provided with your phone device and then move the files from your computer to the folder you have created on your phone. Most of the times, attaching your smartphone to your computer the first one is going to be shown on the screen as another storage and external device.

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Аватар пользователя Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson

Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"

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