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Often happens that we do not have time to read our favorite book on paper or even on a book reader. In this case, audiobooks come to the rescue. Do not hesitate, audiobooks are the real thing and good idea for saving your time!

We can listen to audiobooks anywhere and at any time we want. Do cleaning in the house - plug the headset into your gadget and listen, go to work - turn on your favorite book and enjoy. You can even listen to audiobooks while doing sports, before going to bed and when you go shopping. This is the fantastically convenient way and does not require any effort from you. Where do you find them?

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson
Author, head of creative team. "I'm the dude responsible for every blog post we publish on ProFounder"

These free audiobooks websites are full of different kinds of content which you can download (or listen online) and listen at any time you want. Imagine – thousands of audiobooks in free legal access! Just choose and listen! Also, check our guide 15 ways to get books by free and Free Kindle Ebooks Websites.

Let’s discover them.

So,  Where to Find Free Streaming Audiobooks Online?

Offered websites include free audiobooks for you to download and listen. Here you can find 2 types of content-free trials and totally free resources.

Free Trials – free audiobooks for certain time

Free trial is a good idea if you want to test the content but not sure if it will satisfy your requirements 100%. These websites offer you unlimited access to enjoying content for a certain period of time (for example, 2 weeks or a month) or any first book by free. At the end of free trial time, you can choose – stay there and buy a membership or continue searching for the most suitable website.

Here are some websites with free trial access:

1. Scribd


Access to Unlimited* number of books, audiobooks, magazines, and more for 30 Days. Start Read Free.

Scribd is a free trial base with different kinds of literary genres. Using Scribd you get free access for 30 days for enjoying unlimited content. After you can buy a membership or cancel it anytime. Here you can find bestsellers, novelties, magazines etc. On Scribd you always can find something new to discover, we can compare this website with the never-ending source.

2. Audible


You’re getting 2 free Audible books. New! Audible members now get MORE: 2 Audible Originals and 1 audiobook every month if you Join.

Free trial base of audiobooks. 30 days of membership you can get for free, 2 audiobooks and 2 Audible Originals to get you started. You can listen to your audiobooks wherever you are with this free app at home, in the car or at the gym. Even if you switch off your devices, you will never lose your place. Audible offers biggest selection ever. This resource is a trusted Amazon company, so you can be sure in security, privacy and satisfaction of all your book tastes.


Get 1 Audiobook Free when you Free Sign-Up.

You will get free trial for 30 days. After free sign-up you will get 1 audiobook for free. Here you can find romance, thrillers, phycology. Fiction, business and historical – got them all in big online library of more than 100,000 audiobooks. Browse online, check out recommendations for you or take a look at what other members are listening. Join this website by downloading app for iOS or Android or streaming audiobooks on smartphone or tablet.

4. BookBeat


2 weeks access by Free Trial

With BookBeat you will get unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks for free. 

BookBeat is a digital service which allows you to stream audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet. You can start with us by signing up for and downloading the app to your iOS or Android platform. With a BookBeat you will get unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks.

You can also download audiobooks to your device to listen to them offline. And if you will not like it – just cancel subscription without paying any fees.

5. Kobo


1 Audiobook for Free by Free Trial

Kobo resource offers you one of the largest eBookstores with millions of books across 77 languages. Here you can find a lot of titles from bestsellers to magazines, colorful kids fairytales and something to suit any taste.

With one page for all your audiobooks we offer free Kobo App fits a world of listening audio. Start listening on one device, then switch to another — and Kobo will always remember from where you turned off, that’s why you will never lose your place.

Notice, you will get first 30 days for free, including a one free audiobook.

Totally Free – listening without limits. Simply download and enjoy

Let’s see in detail. Free access to audiobooks allows you to choose and listen without limits. Using content for free doesn’t mean you do something illegal. All audiobooks from offered websites are legal. Be sure that you use high quality content.

We will highlight each resource carefully. Here you can take a look through the best websites to find free audiobooks online:

6. Spotify


Read our Article How to Find Audiobooks on Spotify, step-by-step

Free users of Spotify can stream the books without permission of downloading content. All free audio books nowadays are not good organized, but just because Spotify is a music service. But you also can check out audiobooks list here for listening them online. Websites audiobooks are free to listen, or you if you don’t want to see advertisements just go to the premium subscription.

7. Itunes


Where to get Free Audiobooks Itunes list? Good list available here.

iTunes, accept movies and wide choice of world’s music, also can offer you to enjoy audiobooks and ebooks. This website is a best place where music, movies, tv-shows and books are organized. Go to the website, choose audiobooks tab or popular audiobooks and search for the right book through suggested material. Everything is simple! Enjoy listening to your favorite authors.

8. LibriVox


LibriVox is a resource that has a wide range of free audiobooks recorded by volunteers who have read chapters from books from the public domain.

Here you can find a free audiobooks searching by title, author, subject, genre or language. If you want, you can browse a book in the catalog or view new added audiobooks. You will reach a book’s description page and read more about it and listen to the chapters without having to download each chapter or whole book.

Also, when you decide to download the whole audiobook with every chapter included, you can do it in a ZIP file, directly from website. LibriVox archive is also available for iOS or Android gadgets, so you can download audiobooks to your smartphone or tablet, or stream them.

9. Lit2Go


Lit2Go is a free audiobook resource that organizes audiobooks based on readability using index. Lit2Go is a suitable website to download audiobooks.

Each chosen book can be downloaded by the chapter, this resource includes popular classic titles, business literature, phycology, historical novels and thousands of others.

You can also browse books from genres like horror and poetry etc. If you want, some of these audiobooks you can also download a PDF version. Enjoy listening and reading!


Loyal Books
Loyal Books

Using Loyal Books is the easiest way of books listening.

To download free audiobooks, you can view the them by the language, at top 100, by genre, title or subject. You can choose how to listen to audiobooks: directly from the Loyal Books, download MP3s of the chapters together at once using one ZIP file, download the whole audiobook in one M4B file for iPhones and iPods, stream them from your smartphone and even get the audiobook through the RSS reading. These are books from public domain, so you probably won’t see anything here that differs from the other public domain audiobook websites.

11. Rakuten OverDrive

Rakuten OverDrive
Rakuten Overdrive

If you have a subscription to OverDrive then you have chosen a great place to access free audiobook downloads of recent fiction and non-fiction books, including best-sellers and top’s.

On OverDrive you will check out needed audiobooks just like you do it a public library and they will be returned there at the end of the loan period. You also can do it all from Libby – it’s a smartphone app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Also, OverDrive can offer you free ebooks, movies and music playlists.


Archive org has a wide range of free audiobook downloads that can be browsed through the website by subject, keywords or by using the search box. Near 15,000 results for audiobooks and poetry can be found on this website.

Choose one of most suitable way of finding a right book for you, for example – search for free audiobook at Archive is by separating the books by view count to find the most popular books or by choosing more rated.

You should know that some books are available in multiple formats, that means that you can download an audiobook in the MP3 or OGG file format. Notice, that has a Mind Webs – is other part of Archive that includes classic sci-fi audiobooks.

13. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg

Look through Project Gutenberg website. It has audiobooks that are read by humans and computer generated. These books are from public domain that have been turned into audiobooks. They were not available for free for anyone. Thanks to this resource, now you can listen to them for free.

The easiest way to find an audiobook in Project Gutenberg is to browse through the titles and authors. But if you want, you can search them by languages and by the time they were added, for example, the latest that were added over the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, and even the last month.

Also, we suggest you look through TOP-100 audiobooks.

14. Open Culture

Open Culture
Open Culture

This website offers you several hundred non-fiction, fiction and poetry audiobooks lists that can be downloaded for free. Look through and scroll down the list to browse everything Open Culture offers you.

Open Culture’s audiobook downloads are located on a different other website, so, it is the reason that some of them may be like a direct links to the MP3 while other books might be streamed from its page but not available for download on your gadget.

Also, Open Culture offers you free movies, different online courses, lessons of language learning and ebooks for reading.

15. Storynory


Storynory is a fantastic resource for people who are looking for free audiobooks for their children. Every week website provides a free audiobook just for children.

The audiobooks on Storynory include unique stories, fairy tales, classic stories, some educational books and different small stories for the little baby’s. So, you can download free audiobooks here or stream them directly from the website, Also, you can get subscription from iTunes and another podcast.

16. is a website, previously known as Librophile, that offers you free audiobooks directory where you can easily find public domain audiobook downloads. There are more than 100,000 files at and some of them are treated like an audiobook while others are an ebooks.

Browse for needed audiobook to find it among new added or a whole library. Take a look on the most popular or search in the list of genres, subjects or authors. However, you can download the whole audiobook or choose to listen to it by the chapters directly from the website.

17. Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain

Light Up Your Brain is a website that suggests you several free audiobooks that are just intended for children. You can stream audiobooks or download them to your device. A transcription of the book story is provided, because of that, beginning readers can read with the audio speaking.

As a bonus, on Light Up Your Brain you can find a free game for children for keeping their mind and brain in a clearness and activity.

18. ThoughtAudio


ThoughtAudio includes classic literary heritage and philosophy audiobooks available for download for free. To find “your book” you can browse from the whole title list or just do searching for audiobooks among those that were recently added to the website.

If you decided to get chosen audiobooks, you can listen to them on the website or download in pieces by mouse right-clicking on each chapter that you want to download. And, finally, PDF transcripts for chosen audiobooks are also available on website.


Suggested website is known as a source of classic and fiction audiobooks. You can choose one or several viewing them in lists of the most popular, recently added or author’s last name. For example, this resource includes Romeo and Juliet, The Wind in the Willows, Autobiography of Mark Twain etc.

Offered audiobooks can be downloaded in MP3 format and also some of them can be downloaded as an M4B file for using in iPhone/iPod.

20. Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud
Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud suggests you dive in over 10,000 free educational and video themes. This web resource includes only 3,000+ free audiobooks and also interesting documentaries, speeches, and more other different stuff.

Learn Out Loud’s free audiobooks can be ranked into new added, random, most popular or you can alphabetical search. Here you can also find specific categories for you to choose for finding only concrete types of free audiobooks, for example like Self-Development, Science, Technology, Business, Languages, and Traveling.

Free audiobooks can be streamed on the website if you sign up for a free account and being download by “purchasing” but they are still free for you.

21. Audiobook Sync

Audiobook Sync
Audiobook Sync

Audiobook Sync (SYNC) treated like a free summer edition reading program for 13 years old children and older, but despite of this, anyone can get free audiobook downloads.

Audiobook Sync provides you with 2 free audiobooks every week during the summer season. This is a unique way for children to keep their skills toned before coming back to school and as we said, provides adults with some free audio and ebooks.

This service is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine and audiobooks from this website can be used by OverDrive application on your smartphone and other gadgets. If you desire to get information about new added titles, you have to sign up for SMSing or Emailing.

22. Ejunto


Ejunto treated as the place for people who want to get free audiobooks dedicated to American history, philosophy, autobiographies and other similar titles.

You can’t listen to these audiobooks directly on the Ejunto website, but you can always download them to your computer for free without any difficulties.

Notice, if you are interested, some of offered free audio and ebooks included a Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, George Washington biography, audio recording of the US Constitution and Second Treatise on Government by John Locke.

We also want to say, when you can’t get the audiobook on the Ejunto website, we suggest you visit the iTunes link on the download page.

How to download free audiobooks for iPhone?

Bound App

You will might notice, while using these websites for find free audiobooks is that, they are often show difficulties in connection to your smartphone (or other gadget you use for the listening of chosen audiobooks).

You can use the Bound app. Using it, you can download your audiobooks to iPhone directly from your DropBox account to the Bound app. This application also allows you to use bookmarks, and it is remembering the piece you paused your book. Notice that thing, that it is convenient and easier to use.

Look at Audiobooks app, this is another place where you can find free audiobooks with pretty and easy to use interface.

Right choice of free audiobooks resource will lead you to the totally deep world of your favorite literature, wide choice of content, easy in use platform and a lot of enjoyable moments.

If you don’t want to download and listen audiobooks, you can find on suggested websites a lot of free ebooks for your reading.

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